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What songs do you like are in another language? I personally love “Sen no Yoru no Kotoe” by Aqua Timez for the anime Bleach in Japanese which I come across a week ago on YouTube, but I find myself constantly listening to it. Unfortunately, I cannot Japanese to appreciate the lyrics.

“Ue o muite arukoo” by Kyu Sakamoto (in the U.S. it was a big hit in the '60s under the ridiculous name of “Sukiyaki”). When we were living in Japan, I learned to sing it in Japanese.

“Podmoskovnye Vechera.” There is no definitive version in Russian, but a dixieland instrumental known as “Midnight in Moscow” was a big hit, also in the '60s.

“Fel Del Av Gården” by Movits! Swedish hip hop mixed with swing.

By another language you mean other than English? :stuck_out_tongue:
I have so many (both local Filipino songs and Japanese anime ones like yours. XD)

For now I’ll pick these two.

by Suara - This the full OP of the anime Utawarerumono. I’ve been listening to it because I’m currently writing a short anime-style fantasy story and it songs like this that get me in that sort of mood.

Nescafe by Parokya ni Edgar - Yes, as the name implies, coffee is involved and it’s actually used in a commercial promoting the titular brand. :stuck_out_tongue: Strangely enough though, it stands well on its own as a sort of novelty song Parokya ni Edgar is known for. :stuck_out_tongue: Coffee and relaxation aren’t an irony, they are a paradox! XD

That and I just love hearing this line:

Tumambay muna tayo diyan sa tabi - A rough translation would be “Let’s just hang around in the corner.” Loitering in sari-sari stores (they’re sorta like mini general stores) and karinderias (street-side eateries) is a common past time for Filipino college students (including myself :p).

Kum Ba Yah. :smiley:

And for balance, O Sanctissima.

Mostly Irish music for me ^.^ Though I love my fair share of Japanese music.

For those that didn’t realize Irish was a language (an overwhelming many these days…) check out this beautiful rendition of Mna na hEirann (Women of Ireland)

Spanish music for me. I can’t help it, I’m half Colombian. :thumbsup:

One might also be surprised to find that Connie Francis recorded a number of her hits in Japanese, such as V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N and Where the Boys Are. The Police recorded De-Doo–Doo-Doo-De-Dah-Dah-Dah in Japense, and Chicago recorded Questions 67 and 68 in that language too

Conway Twitty recorded his hit Hello Darlin’ in Russian and this was heralded as a part of the US/USSR Apollo/ Soyuz missions.

Non-English version of the hits where quite common in the 60s, Lots of Motown artists did stuff in Italian and German. Cliff Richard recorded in Italian, Spanish, and German. One can even find Crimson and Clover sung by Tommy James and the Shondells in Italian as well as The Letter by the Box Tops in that language.

Going the other way, Gloria was a hit by Umberto Tosi in Italian, and the an English version was a hit by Laura Branigan.

Finally – I Wanna Hold Your Hand and She Loves You by the Beatles – in German.

Oh – I collect the stuff :rolleyes:

God bless


One of my favorite albums is “Il Divo”…the music is wonderful…and I don’t speak a word of Italian. I also like Andrea Bocelli.

There’s a French, pop singer named Alizee who has some songs I really like. I have no idea what any of them are about, but it doesn’t matter because I typically don’t pay any attention to lyrics anyway. I rate music strictly on how they sound.

My personal favorite non-English song is Ai Oboeteimasuka, from the legendary anime film Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? :slight_smile:

Oh yes – she is superb. Her big hit in the UK was Moi, Lolita. Don’t think she had anything out in the USA, but I know that you can get her stuff in Quebec. Go figure :shrug:

Speaking of les artistes quebecois, in Canada there is a whole great music scene in Quebec that has given rise to artists like Mitsou and Michel Pagliaro. Pagliaro sings in both English and French and has had a number of hits on the English charts. Many groups and singers though sing only in French and do credible French versions of English hits.

Oh – and of course there is Celine Dion who has a big French language catalog – and of all things represent Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest

God bless


A few in Portuguese performed by Brazil’s Maria Bethânia:

Tocando em Frente

Onde Estará o Meu Amor

Cheiro de Amor

Pescador - Armandinho

Mercedes Sosa - Gracias A La Vida

Mariano Barba - Una Noche Mas

Fernando Delgadillo - Julita

I used to hear her and Gal Costa all the when I listened to shortwave radio – Radio Nacional do Brasil. But my favourite Brasilian singer has to be Rita Lee

I was in Brasil when this was hit and I spent years trying get a greatest hits of her stuff – Dolce Vampiro, Banho de Spuma, Baila Comigo, etc.

A really good one from Spain is El Ruido de Fondo by.Miguel Ríos

You’ll know him for his big hit Himno a la Alegria – Hymn to Joy – the melody of which you sing in Church as Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee!

For some really good Eastern Bloc rock – look no further than the group Riblja Corba and the song Pogledaj Dom Svoj Andele – Look Homeward Holy Angel

God bless


Here are some of my faves:

*]Ne Pleure Pas by Kamelot (French; “Don’t You Cry” in English; a very beautiful song; Kamelot’s a metal band, but this ballad is all orchestral, so even non-metalheads should enjoy it :))
*]Laudate Dominum by Helloween (Latin; “Praise the Lord” in English; don’t let the name of the band fool you, this song is 100% Christian)
*]Ataegina by Moonspell (Portuguese; no English equivalent as it is the name of some goddess local to the Iberian peninsula; a fun, folky metal song; I’m fairly certain the lyrics are probably pagan in meaning, but if you can look past that, it’s a neat song)

Wow, you must really love metal to the point of knowing foreign metal songs. :p:D

Wow, I have so many!

I speak both English and Spanish, so I have many many songs in Spanish that I listen too.

But I also have many songs in other languages.

“J’ai demandé à la lune” (“I asked the moon” in English) by the French group Indochine

“Luna” by the Italian “pop opera” singer Alessandro Safina

“La Au Bal Masqué” by a group from Haiti called Compagnie Creole

“Pal Pal Har Pal” from an Indian movie, it’s such a cute song.

I have many songs in Japanese and Korean, a Polish song, from India and others. How on Earth did I find these songs? :shrug:

Yes. :o Most of my favorite bands are European. I could have made a longer list, too, but I thought I’d stick to the basics.:stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely love the Spanish and Russian languages! Also, I really like the way Finnish sounds (it’s kind of a strange language, but I’m part Finnish myself, and I just really enjoy it, even though I don’t understand it…I wish I did).

I listen to Cristian Castro for Spanish music (Argentina, which is a different variation of Spanish, I admit).

Russian…I have fallen in love with Julia Savicheva. Here’s one of her songs: Esli v serdce jivet luboff (If the love lives in [your] heart) Obviously that’s a rough translation, but it’s a catchy song. lol. Here’s another song I particularly enjoy that she sings with Anton Makarskiy called Eto Sud’ba (it’s fate).

And Finnish…I don’t know of any “real” Finnish songs, but here’s a song just so you can hear the language. Yes, it’s from The Lion King II. haha. Called Love Will Find A Way.

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