Songs that get you through the tough times

I was thinking about how it is hard to be seperated from my wife and family (due to relocation for work) and know that there are a few songs that help to get me through this:

“Praise You in This Storm” Casting Crowns
"Rescue" Newsong
"Broken and Beautiful" Mark Schultz
"When God Made You" Newsong

What songs have helped you in a difficult time in your life? My songs are by Christian artists, but please list secular songs as well.

Amazing Grace.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

How Great Thou Art.

Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley
Soulshine - *Warren Haynes *(Allman Brothers Band, Government Mule)

I am nothing without Christ - Newsong
You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
Panis Angelicus - Andrea Bocelli
Breathe On Me - ?? it’s in the Gather hymnal
Lord, Let your love shine on me - Phillips, Craig & Dean

Elizabeth - Rascall Flatss - a song about a girl with cancer (my son currently fighting it).

After my dad died. Your Raise Me Up-Josh Groban. When I was feeling really low I would put in on repeat, and listen to it over and over.

Did you mean Skin (Sarabeth) by Rascal Flatts? That is a very touching song.

I am sorry to hear about your son and his suffereings. I will offer up prayers for him. If you have not heard this song, check it out (you can hear it on youtube):

“He’s My Son” by Mark Schultz

It was written by Mark for a family that he knows who had a son that was suffering with cancer. If I am not mistaken the boy is now cancer free.

Bob Dylan is good too.


How Great Thou Art

For those who may not know, my husband took his own life. He went up into the mountains to do this, called his therapist on the cell phone and said he was in a certain county, but that was all I knew to try to locate him. It took us five days, during which time I had choir practice (was still a protestant at the time). The new hymn we were practicing - How Great Thou Art. We sang it at his memorial and to this day it reminds me of him.

I am so sorry to hear this. I am at a loss of words. “How Great Thou Art” is an amazing song, Newsong performs it live on their REsuce (Live) album, it is beautiful.

God bless you for all that you are going through/have gone through!

God bless you!

In the past, I Will Survive is a song that helped me through a rough patch.

Recently, I have appreciated The Little Flower Song sung by Fr. Stan and almost the entire Hiding Place album by John Michael Talbot.

I loved I will survive and forgot about it. I guess being a boring stay at home mom makes me out of touch.:o

Anything by JMT for me. Lately, his disc Monk Rock has been my soundtrack for the day. :thumbsup:

Most anything by Alice In Chains or Jerry Cantrell. Jerry Cantrell’s song “solitude” helps alot.

**There’s no out, downside up for good
No light, reflection understood
Had to try, perversion satisfied
Insane…so, I indulge the beast awhile

When hurting yourself feels right
And there’s nothing familiar in sight
Take the time to pull the weeds
Choking flowers in your life

Or seal your doom
Cold transparent blue
Locked inside a room
In solitude

There’s no flesh, my own ghost awaits
Unclean, defiled, hallucinatory state
Lust, sloth, not my only sins
It’s just how, when it’s time, on a degradation trip…yeah

When hurting yourself feels right
Long gone the will to fight
Take the time to pull the weeds choking flowers in your life

Or seal your doom
Cold transparent blue
Locked inside a room
In solitude
Insanity takes you
So black it’s untrue

So black it’s untrue**

Or Alice In Chains “Over Now”

**Yeah, it’s over now, but I can breathe somehow
When it’s all worn out, I’d rather go without

You know its been on my mind
Could you stand right there
Look me straight in the eye and say
That it’s over now

We pay our debt sometime

Well it’s over now, yet I can see somehow
When its all gone wrong, it’s hard to be so strong

You know its been on my mind
Could you stand right there
Look me straight in the eye and say
That it’s over now

We pay our debt sometime
Yeah, we pay our debt sometime
We pay our debt sometime
Yeah, we pay our debt sometime

Guess it’s over now, I seem alive somehow
When it’s out of sight, just wait and do your time

You know its been on my mind
Could I stand right here
Look myself in the eye and say
That it’s over now

It’s darker music but it’s about keeping on even in the dark

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On, Darklands, Sidewalking
World/Inferno Friendship Society - Heart Attack '64, Friend to the Friendless, Me vs. Angry Mob, Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA
The Ramones - pretty much anything
Buckethead - Padmasana, Electric Tears (good for wallowing in it a little)
The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning

In the last 5 years, I’ve been thru cancer,chemo,radiation, 3 surgeries, divorce after 19 years of marriage, change of job, turning 50…

The song that has inspired me thru this is

WELCOME by BonJovi

It says:

Welcome to where ever you are
This is your life
You’ve made it this far
I say welcome
You gotta believe
Right here right now you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

when you’re about to give up and you’re heart’s about to break
Remember that you’re perfect!
God makes no mistakes.: :slight_smile:

“Hard Habit To Break” - Chicago

“You’ve Got A Way” - Shania Twain

“Shoulda Been A Cowboy” _ Toby Keith


Years ago, when my husband was between jobs and we were both very depressed, I was driving in the car when I heard this song for the first time: “When I’m Back On My Feet Again,” sung by Michael Bolton. It helped.

My favorite hymn that gets me through everything: “Be Still, My Soul, The Lord Is On Your Side.”

our beloved pastor was killed in a car accident a few years ago, and at his funeral we sang one of his favorite songs, Soon and very Soon (I am going to see the King) so everytime I hear it, and it is popular here, I can’t help crying. He had once told my CCD class, in response to a question, that Catholics should never fear death, our only fear should be not being ready to die, so we should make sure to live as we would wish to die: in God’s grace.

That song they sing in church, sometimes at funerals…

do not be afraid

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