Songs that have lifted me up! What are yours?

I have, up until not long ago, been a lost sheep for some time. Recently I have begun to come back to the CC and have never felt better!!! Music has always had a very special effect on me, I listen to up beat happy music when I’m feeling down and like magic, most of the time it cheers me up, and when I feel like I’m doubting my faith, I turn on my Christian music or pick up my Bible. Recently I have stumbled upon Rachael Lampa. For those of you who haven’t heard of her, she is AMAZING!!! She has the voice of an angel and the lyrics often either bring me to tears of joy or give me goosebumps. Especially “No Greater Love Than This” and “Hide Me” is a huge tear jerker for me, it’s so gorgeous, and also the band “Mercy Me” their songs are very uplifting as well!! Check them out if you haven’t done so yet!
Any artists or songs that have strengthened your faith?:dancing: :whistle:

ive been humming “my GOD is an awesome GOD” for a week at least. maybe ill check out those bands you mentioned just to get this song out of my head:)

I was just singing that the other day!!! It’s a great song but yeah, I get sick of the same song playing over and over in my head lol.

well…"the battle hymn of the republic ’ always draws tears from me…since I played Lincoln in school and college it has double meaning…also…‘against the wind’ ‘the impossible dream’ …one other…Roses are red,violets are blue,suger is sweet and so are you…that song of yesterday and won and lost chances is a fav because it causes me to reflect on life itself…

“How Great Thou Art”

“I Fell On My Knees and Cried Holy”

“The Old Rugged Cross”

And of course, “Amazing Grace” every time.:slight_smile:

There is a wonderful song by Stephen Curtis Chapman called,
“Miracle of the Moment” and a song called “East to West” by Casting Crowns (I think!). In the song “East to West” the lyrics say that “all the while I had been holding on to God, but he was really holding on to me”. Knowing that whatever I am going through, God truly is holding on to me, helps make the journey better.

Try you can listen online to samples. Also Donna Scallon has some beautiful music. She wrote and sang the song “We are one body” for John Paul II at World Youth Day in Denver. You have to do a search for Donna Scallon, We are one body. You can also search to “listen online” to her music. Jennfier

I usually feel better after listening to “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder”, “Days of Elijah”, and “Marching to Zion”. Other comforting songs are “Children Go Where I Send Thee”, “Under His Wing”, “All Creatures of Our God and King”, and “Silent Night”.
I love to listen to sweet old hymns. It feels so healing.

I remember so many beautifull songs from grammer school i can sing some of the words,but can’t remember titles ,this was in the late fifty’s and early sixty’s.Does anyone know where I could look for them? thanx Bubbie

I too love anything by Mercy Me and I also like Casting Crowns. I really enjoy the music of Nicole Nordeman, Steven Curtis Chapman,Jars Of Clay,Mark Schulz and I love the music of Jeremy Camp. I would love to see a Catholic Contemporary singer make it as big as some of these guys. They are all awesome and I always feel that the Holy Spirit reaches to me through different songs. Where I live we don’t have a Catholic station that plays these CC musicians but I am able to get them through a local christian college radio station. I was very impressed when I visited Tampa Bay a couple of years ago and heard these artists on a Catholic radio station. Of all these musicians I think that Jars of Clay song “Love Song for a Saviour” is my favorite- the lyrics say “I want to fall in love with you”. I think that says it all. We have to fall in love with the Lord so that we can try to stay in eternal friendship with God.

In Christ,

Here is a song that always used to lift me up when i was in a bad mood [ you remeber](“ you remeber”)

I think this song is beatiful

I really like Held by Natalie Grant

Believer by Sebastian Bach

Jars of Clay is so excellent with “Love Song for a Savior” being one of my top favorites. Also anything by Michael W. Smith is very uplifting and spiritual. I went to a concert of his last year and it was such a beautiful experience.

can someone give me some feedback on what they think of this song

I was at Quigley seminary in its last year of opersation, and the choir used to sing a song which I don’t recall the name of, but it sent a shiver of pride down my spine.

Here goes as I remember it, time to play NAME THAT TUNE!!!

we will drink the cup, we will win the fight
we will stand against the darkness of the night
we will run the race, and see God’s face
and build the kingdom of love.

I checked out sages link . I enjoyed the poetry of the lyrics but I am not a huge fan of rap. I guess because I enjoy beautiful singing versus beautiful talking. I always appreciate music that is by singer/songwriters because the music sounds more real coming from them- this is the case with rap artists so I can always appreciate their talent even if I prefer other genres of music. I do have to say that I have been to contemporary christian music concerts where I was fortunate enough to see Kirk Franklin and the Nu Nation-they were great.

In Christ, Deborah

The strong, powerful, “God of our Fathers”. I get teary eyes every time I hear it.

CCD has just started, and we begin each session on the first day with praise and worship music, so now I have Shine Jesus Shine, Awesome God, Days of Elijah etc. running through my head, and the one with the refrain “I say Yes My Lord, Digo Si Senor” we sang on Sunday at the convocation.

I love Elijah, perfect song for catechists and evangelists. We sing it during Advent in this parish.

I never cared much for How Great Thou Art, the way it is done in most Catholic parishes, muted organ, weak singing, but my cousin, a non-denom minister and college trained organist, played in in our old parish on the new organ, pulled out all the stops, and it really rocked. the Adventist choir came for an ecumenical Thanksgiving service and belted it out and it really made me melt.

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