I just read that there are satanic messages in popular songs. This concerns me. I'll walk around singing my favorite songs, but I don't want to if they have satanic content in them. I don't want people to think im something like that. My neice also told me Lady Gaga has satanic messages in her music. She says if you play the song in reverse you hear messages about a 'star'. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't know what that means. I don't want to know what that means. I don't like Lady Gaga anyway, but how can I find out if a song has these in it? Is there a website that will allow me to check the songs? I like Vanilla Twilight, Fireflies, Jar of Hearts, that kind of thing. Are those songs satanic?:confused:

Don't know if I can be of much help here...

I've been hearing this "play it backwards" business ever since the Beatles "White" album where playing "number nine" backwards was suppose to say "turn me on deadman" :shrug: Frankly I tried it and never heard what others claimed....So I tend to discount such things.

Back in my day (60's-70's) there were a lot of rock, and folk/rock songs about Love (godly love), and ending war and so forth. There were also a lot of songs about drugs and sex and such. Sometimes the same artist or band would put out both kinds...

I'd suggest starting out by looking carefully at the lyrics. Do you agree with the message they contain? Do you think that the lyrics, the music, the style etc are positive? Do they give Glory to God (indirectly or directly)?

I'd also look at the artist and their general appearnce, how they perform, what is the image they project and askt he same question. "Is this giving glory to God or is it insulting to God?

I guess what I'm saying is that the issue is not really clear cut. I heard that this or that song had this or that meaning, but I drew someting completely different from it.

There are even some "urban legends" about songs that, though they are denied by the authors themselves, still persist. One is that the famous Peter Paul and Mary song, "Puff the Magic Dragon" is really about smoking Pot. :rolleyes::shrug:

Sorry I couldn't be more help.


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I just read that there are satanic messages in popular songs. This concerns me.


from what reliable source have you heard this?
honey they were throwing this at us even before the Beatles

Much of today's music does definitely have satanic content but it is not hidden but blatant and in your face, look a the worst of the rap genre and yes Lady Gaga. That also has been going on for a long time (Madonna for instance).

you don't have to go looking for hidden subliminal messages, all you need to do is reject lyrics, acts and "artists" (if they are artists I am picasso) who promote a satanic culture of death agenda.

Yes, I'd be more concerned about the face-value of the lyrics than some subliminal message. Conspiracy theorists have been tossing around the accusation of backmasking (which is the technical term for recording backwards messages into songs that are meant to be played forward) for years and years.

First, I would be extremely skeptical of any accusation in this regard. Most of them are bunk.

Second, even if a band did place a subliminal message in the song, they most likely did so just to be funny, not to subvert people's minds.

Third, even if a song contained a subliminal message, there is no evidence that such a message has the power to influence anyone to do or believe anything against their will. At least, that's what all those Psychology courses I took in college said, even if Hollywood tells a different story.

Many song lyrics out there today are atrocious. Many promote values at odds with our faith. But they tend not to hide it. And if the meaning is hidden, it's hidden behind a metaphor, not a subliminal message. But the number of popular artists that actually use literary devices like metaphors is dwindling and dwindling. Years ago, artists used euphemisms to talk about sex. Now they don't usually bother.

If you're not singing along to songs that are obviously or blatantly scandalous, you're probably just fine. Some people try to say that "Hotel California" is satanic because they misinterpret the imagery. That's on them, though for credulously believing the musings of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. :p

if you need some giggles look up the old Hotel California threads

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