Son's Surgery/Husband's Pain


Please pray for my son who is having a surgical procedure today at 4:30 - he is only 23 and having his 2nd bout with kidney stones. They can’t zap - they are removing.

Also, please pray for my husband who is 63 and having to work 6 days a week with very difficult people. He has nerve damage and so he is in a great deal of pain as his job requires him to be on his feet. He is struggling mightily.

Thanks be to God for all our struggles and God bless all of you who read my reqeust.


I am praying for both of them


My prayers for your family :crossrc:


Praying for your son and husband. :gopray2:




Praying for your son and husband - may peace and comfort come to them and the whole family soon.


Keeping your son and husband in prayer…




Praying for your son’s healing and against the recurrence of kidney stones, through the intercession of St. Liborius.

Praying for your husband’s work situation to be resolved, for his pinched nerve to be healed, for strength and patience in dealing with difficult people. Through the intercession of St. Joseph



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