Sony hack: Execs make racist jokes about Obama; A-listers slam those publishing leaks


Fox News:

Sony hack: Execs make racist jokes about Obama; A-listers slam those publishing leaks

LOS ANGELES – It’s a plot that keeps thickening. More incriminating personal information was leaked Wednesday following the unprecedented Sony Pictures hack, this time in the form of emails between top producers and executives belittling a number of major stars and projects, and even making racist jokes about President Barack Obama.

In one email exchange, Sony co-chairperson Amy Pascal – a prominent Democratic party donor and Obama supporter – asked movie producer Scott Rudin ahead of a fundraiser what she should ask the President “at this stupid Jeffrey (Katzenberg) breakfast,” to which Rudin quipped “would he like to finance some movies.”
“I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” Pascal responded, Rudin then retorted: “12 Years.”

It goes on.
“Or the butler, or think like a man?” Pascal continued, to which Rudin wrote: “Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart.”
Hart was also called a “whore” by another executive in another leaked exchange for requesting more money.
In other exchanges between Pascal and Rudin, Angelina Jolie was called a “spoiled brat,” and unflattering comments were made about everyone from Tom Cruise, David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin, and Adam Sandler.

Because of the leaks, Sony executives are no longer corresponding via email but through text messages in an effort to avoid further information exposure, a well placed studio source told FOX411. It is being internally suggested that the studio may now have to pay its top-tier talent three times what they would have otherwise paid as “damage control” to lure them back.

“Never say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face.” – my Mom.


“Never say anything electronically that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times.” --Me


Aren’t these Hollywood moguls supposed to be good “color-blind” liberals? :confused:


I guess I’m not familiar enough with the movies mentioned to understand how the comments were racist. :o


That they are. If such comments were made by the kinds of conservative business people the media likes to target, it would be stop the presses wall-to-wall specials on CNN. But since this story involves the “beautiful people,” hypocrites though they may be, I wouldn’t expect much in the media. I went to the LA Times website a few hours ago, and found nothing about this story.


You’d have better luck trying to find a member of the Westboro Baptist Church saying nice things about Catholics than trying to find anything critical of Hollywood in the LA Times, especially around Oscar season. The Times knows who butters their bread – expensive full-page “For Your Consideration” ads in the Calendar section put a healthy black back into the ledger ink over there at Chateau Chandler.

And they’re not going to upset that by stirring an already boiling pot right in the middle of Industry Town.


:thumbsup: I agree with you. :shrug:


These are more or less (formerly) private exchanges. What’s the big issue? Are we to pretend most of us don’t make off color remarks to friends and coworkers? Isn’t this basically a “thought crime”?


Donald Sterling’s conversations with his mistress were private exchanges. Did you have the same thoughts about that case?




Most of us are not perfect, but these are professionals and high ranking executives are major companies disparaging the people who make them rich. Like someone else pointed out, how is this any different than Sterling? Sure, he made more openly racist comments, but, come on. Double-standard!


Yes actually. But he should have been kicked out years ago due to his real estate issues. Years before he was in the news due to the fact that he wouldn’t maintain apartments rented to visible minorities and other actions that show poor character (even by pro sports standards ).


Well, i don’t make such remarks via email and such as my industry is regulated with real audit possibilities. Not sure of heading up a publicly traded corp caries similar things.

It was thoughtless to leave a paper trail but are we surprised by the comments? Perhaps it is partially because as a minority I’ve just grown to expect that some talk badly about those they serve or work with behind their backs as a given.


I got a kick out of Pascal’s reply to this, saying that those emails don’t reflect who she really is. Almost every liberal I know personally makes racist statements and uses racial epithets on a regular basis. They always say they have a right to talk that way because they vote democrat, which means they do more for “those people” than anyone else and, therefore, have a right to treat them with contempt. The ones who have been called to task professionally for their comments all say their words aren’t a reflection of who they really are. However, they all believe that voting Republican, speaking out against the president’s policies or being a police officer while white automatically makes you a racist. I can’t comprehend how their racist words and actions aren’t a reflection of who they are, yet my non-racist words and actions are a reflection of my inner, hidden racism.


“Liberals” are infinitely tolerant and forgiving of each other, and infinitely intolerant of those who have another viewpoint. Can’t wait to see a conservative who says something stupid try the “That’s not who I am” defense, and see how quickly the media and thought police rush to forgive. Not.


Yeah, this hypocrisy of ‘I voted for Obama so I can say things like that…’ is just classic.

This President is destroying race relations in this country.


I don’t know if such e-mails would be turned up by an audit (probably not) but in any lawsuit is up for grabs during the discovery process. I’m sure companies like Sony pay lawyers a lot to advise them not to put things in writing or e-mails but the execs go ahead anyway.


I guess Al Sharpton is going to meet with some bigwigs next week and see whether Amy Pascal keeps her job.
This is scary what these hackers have done. I feel kind of bad these private emails were made public. I would not want mine made public.
It does show the hypocrisy of Hollywood.


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