Sony provides ‘Da Vinci Code’ critics' site


Sony provides ‘Da Vinci Code’ critics’ site

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CNA) – Far ahead of the May 19 film release of the “DaVinci Code,” Sony Motion Pictures corporation has decided to address the film’s numerous critics by providing them a Web platform.

Some critics are concerned over the lack of Catholic authors on the site, something Sony Pictures says it wants to change because of the primary role of the church to the plot.



I think that is a positive step for Sony but it doesn’t rectify their promotion of the movie. Perhaps the dialogue will lead people to Jesus and His Church. I still generally avoid buying Sony products although they sometimes have products not made in China. (I have concerns about supporting China.) .


You have concerns about supporting a very poor and crowded people repressed by a restrictive, dictatorial government?



I have concerns about supporting a communist governement that:
*]Opens for business by using its people in a sometimes slave-like fashion.
*]Talks about overpopulation when they may really see families and children as an obstacle to their use of their people
*]Promotes an anti-family culture
*]Censors public speech
*]Denies freedom of religion including our Church
*]Allows people to be paid very small wages
*]Uses our money to build their military[/LIST]There are also reports of the murder of unborn children and sterilization.

I also have concern about American business people who value money more than human life as well as how workers are treated.

There is another thread for this discussion:


Fair enough. But keep in mind there is a fine line to walk, and no money flowing in would further hurt innocent people. There is simple a line we have yet to figure out how to walk in the case of China.


I understand your point.

I think what we need to do as a people is unite and inform the Chinese government of the reasons that we avoid (for those of us who do) purchasing products. This lead the Chinese government to see that people around the world care about human life and also how people are treated.

The other problem is that many Chinese people may themselves accept anti-life practices.

I do purchase some products made in China. However, I will often choose an alternative when one exists. We can also consider other options - i.e. whether the product is important or could be made by ourselves. (I’m also not saying that all purchases of China-based products must be important)


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