Sony videogame angers Church of England

AP Video: Church of England Blasts Sony over video game

AP Article: Church of England Calls Sony Game ‘Sick’

Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) – The Church of England accused Sony Corp. on Saturday of using an English cathedral as the backdrop to a violent computer game and said it should be withdrawn from shop shelves.

The church said Sony did not ask for permission to use Manchester cathedral and demanded an apology.

The popular new PlayStation 3 game, “Resistance: Fall of Man,” shows a virtual shootout between rival gunmen with hundreds of people killed inside the cathedral. Church officials described Sony’s alleged use of the building as “sick” and sacrilegious*…(more)*

Right 'an all! :thumbsup:

That much violence really is sick. The fact that it takes place in a Cathedral takes it to a whole new level of sickness. Sadly, too many parents won’t even raise an eyebrow…

To make matters worse, many video game makers and players enjoy this kind of attention. They think it is “cool.” Very unfortunate.

Theres tons of those games… its probbley the least sick of some of the shooting games i have played and i have resitance for ps3

And there not people there aliens :stuck_out_tongue:

A very important point; the article makes it seem as though this is some sort of gangbanger battle, when in reality this is supposed to be man trying to stifle an alien invasion - which obviously changes the moral implications of the actions being protrayed.

That being said, I really don’t know why Insomniac (the developer of this game) didn’t ASK to use the cathedral. Granted, it is a digital recreation (which apparently also really diminishes the legal implications, AFAIK). but it surely would have avoided this trouble they are having now.

It doesn’t diminish because it is a game and a digital recreation, fyi. Game makers need full permission or they can be liable.

They have a point:

God bless,

It’s sad that every comment I read seems to be in favor of the game and think that the Anglican Church only wants money. The game is a violent first person shooter, and it is taking place on what is considered holy ground.


It would be interesting to see how close the graphics and imagery are to the actual church. These videogame makers could have easily altered the cathedral to make it look different. Instead, they are in hot-water, and rightfully so.

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