Soon becoming a monk and


Struggling to know how to crack it to my friends who has no clue.
I don’t seem to get an opening…
Any tips from you guys?

(I posted this under vocation because I thought it fitted here despite me being Orthodox Christian as it’s about monastic life)

Thanks in advance for advices and suggestions :slight_smile:
God Bless.


Tell him you are discerning your vocation. Then tell him you are entering a monastery.


Once you know you have been accepted or enrolled, simply make an announcement and break the news joyfully…the only other alternative that came to mind was to show up at your next get-together in full monk attire and simply wait for someone’s curiosity to get the better of them ;), but the first way, although lacking in drama, seems to be the most honest means of breaking the news…


Good answer. I agree.


I know it is not quite the same thing, but my best friend in life is agnostic. He despises southern Baptists, I hate to say, but I did not know how he felt about Catholics. I went to a party, well really a dinner party, and I told him I had something I wanted to talk to him about.

He thought it was something bad and I just spit it out that I was becoming Catholic. [This was a while ago.] He and I have been friends for decades. He said he was fine with it. “You have always been a seeker.” He said. I don’t have a problem with it if it makes you happy.

Bottom line, if he is a real friend, he will understand and be happy for you.



When I joined the Dominicans, I was working for an Investment bank in Singapore. Once I got the confirmation that I am accepted as a candidate and in few months I will joining their novitiate, I immediately went to my boss and said I am resigning. When the news got around, all the colleagues and friends asked me to where I am moving? I said, to a friary that I am joining the Order of preachers. Rest a long story to tell…

Just be plain, simple and brutally honest…



Enjoy this unique occasion.


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