Soon it will be legal to waive fatherhood in Ontario, Canada


Move over sperm banks!

Soon it will be legal in Ontario for a man to impregnate a woman while absolving himself from being the father by simply signing a pre-sex waiver.

A good deal for some men to absolve themselves of any responsibilty? A bad deal for future children who may never know whose DNA helped create them?

As bizarre as is seems, an agreement where a man is nothing more than a sperm donor — with no financial or emotional commitments — could soon be legal in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario.

Another twisted change eroding the traditional family? Or updating the realities of today’s families that will soon have rules recognizing up to four parents per child?

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Lord, have mercy on us.

Prayers greatly needed for families in Ontario :gopray2::frowning:


Equality rights, sounds great to me. :thumbsup:


Marriage rates are declining, young people are less likely to be religious. We are definitely in a crisis here. :frowning: If this is their plan to increase fertility rates, this is not the answer.


The idea of “pre-sex waivers” sounds as ridiculous as written permits to have sex from dystopian novels.


And we all know that couples about to have sex are clearheaded enough to jump through a lot of paper hoops…



Vasalgel will hit the market and this will be a moot point anyway. It might still benefit men who want kids but want to avoid gynocentric anti-male Western family law.




While I agree, I just finished a required online video course from my university employer which makes a point that positive consent must be given to any sexual involvement or else it is considered sexual assault. I also agree with that idea, but I can see where it could actually result in written waivers, since who else is likely to be around to verity one way or the other? That kind of thing is what you get when sleeping around is considered the usual behavior.


We are at a point now with marriage and family that this type of thing needs to happen. The system will not right itself until the ridiculous extremes are met. Though this may hurt children, I hope it passes.:frowning:


Awful! :frowning:


I completely agree.


Well…what’s the difference from what happens now? I mean, aside from it being a pre-sex document.

Because what often happens is an unmarried woman goes into the hospital and has a baby. The baby daddy convinces her to not list him on the birth certificate. Then he skips out.

This happens pretty frequently, from what I’ve been told by a woman who knows quite a few women who’ve had children out of wedlock.


I remember reading an article a while back about a man that offered his “services” to women who wanted to become pregnant but did not want to go to a sperm bank. He had signed agreements with these women that he was not responsible for any type of parenting which apparently did not hold up in court since he was paying child support for a handful of the dozens of children he fathered. I assume this Ontario law is intended for this scenario rather than the one night stand after a night at the bar scenario.


If those women wanted to they could go to court to get child support from the “baby daddy” despite the fact he is not listed as the father on the birth certificate.


Right. But not many of them do.


Can’t speak for Canada specifically, but in the US, if the mother receives gov assistance then the gov seeks out and collects from the father regardless of agreements the father may or may not of had.

This has even occurred in cases where an older woman conceived by statutory rape. The victim finds out years later about the child when served with wage garnishments.


I can see it now, a man and woman in the heat of passion and suddenly he pulls out a waiver and asks her to sign.

At that point, I don’t think he’ll have to worry about impregnating her. :smiley:



It’s true, the new standard seems to be “positive consent” at every stage of a sexual encounter. With that in mind, to protect themselves against any sexual assault charges, the parties involved should carry standardized consent forms to be signed prior to every stage of a sexual encounter.


I thought waving at your father was already legal, at least in the lower 48?



Well, a lengthy contract was part of that 50 Shades book.

Wait a minute. Paperwork is the mood enhancer?

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