Soon-To-Be Mother Thankful for Local Pro-Life Organization


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – A billboard on one of the most traveled stretches of roadway in central Arkansas is gaining attention.


Thanks be to God.


We need more grassroots messages like this. For those of us that can’t get a billboard, get creative. Get some business cards printed with local crisis pregnancy info. If you aren’t much of a graphic designer, get someone else to design it for you so it will look sharp and appeal to a wide audience. Then, start leaving these cards around on public bulletin boards and other places where someone may happen upon it.

Put local crisis pregnancy info on a bumper sticker and place it on your car.

Approach it like you would market a product. You want to appeal to a wide audience. You want them to at least recognize the name of the center and know something like it exists. Study the effective ways businesses market a product and see how you can apply it to your pro life message.

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