Soon to be weds


A while ago we had a little board for all the soon-to-be and newly weds so I though I would reignite it!

Well we are getting down to the knitty gritty in our planning stages I have chosen my dress …

I will be having a small tiara and veil and I will be carrying a small bible with rosary beads.

We cannot book the church yet as we are hoping to have it in the vatican and you can only start the proceedings 6mths in advance we have been doing prep for it with our wonderful priest though.

For the reception we are hiring out a beautiful italian restaurant with an outdoor garden and having a traditional italian wedding breakfast.

We are hopefully having about 60 guests coming over for the wedding weekend and we are so excited.

H2b and I have been looking into adoption quite a lot owing to my gynae impediment! And we hope to have 3/4 children.

I was wondering how everyone elses plans were going??


We just celebrated our fifth anniversary, so your planning brought back memories of mine. :slight_smile: The dress you’ve chosen is beautiful! I hope you’ll be able to get married in the Vatican – how great that would be! I also think carrying a Bible and Rosary beads is such a beautiful idea.

Congratulations and may your marriage be a union blessed by God forever. :crossrc:

Hi, thanks we are both so excited!

I really hope that the vatican wedding becomes a reality because it would bring even more spirituality to an important day!

H2b and I have decided to not have traditional stag/hen do’s instead we (the girls) are flying to NYC for a weekend of shopping/pampering about 4months before the wedding to choose the bridesmaids dresses) and the boys are going to scotland for the weekend to drink whisky, play golf and go claypigeon shooting!

We have chosen beautiful readings for the church but we struggling on hymns! Im sure that the vatican priests will help though!


That’s a gorgeous dress! Your wedding plans sound lovely!

Are you sure you only want 3/4 of a child, though? :smiley: I know a kid who’s missing an arm, if that counts, but children are usually easier to adopt in whole numbers, all things considered. :wink:

Lol I meant three or four!!! :blush: !!!

I like the dress to its perfect for large-chested women and when its on it gives me a feminine figure without giving any gentlement reason to blush!


Hi! My wedding is in 17 days - very soon! Unfortunately not all is going smoothly. The priest who was doing our marriage prep and was originally scheduled to do our wedding, cannot do it after all. He must go back to his home country during that time due to visa issues. I thought our pastor would be able to do it, but he called me yesterday to inform me that he would be getting the new associate pastor to perform our wedding. I have never met this priest, and he is arriving in the parish on July 3. My wedding is July 5. Right now I am trying to contact a priest I know from my college parish, so we can have a priest we know and are comfortable with. I hope it all works out.

Also, my mother called yesterday to inform me that she does not like the way my church is laid out. It’s one of those odd “church-in-the-round” churches, but otherwise very lovely, not to mention it’s my parish home. Apparently she has been fantasizing about me walking down the aisle and is disturbed that reality won’t match up with the fantasy. I don’t know what she expects me to do - rearrange all the pews for her? It’s really aggravating.

She’s been quite critical of all my plans, and I suspect this is her way of showing her disapproval of my marriage. It’s making me very sad and frustrated at what is supposed to be a happy and exciting time. :frowning:

I’m sorry to rain on this cheerful thread…but I had to vent somewhere!

Christina - I totally understand the mother issue!!! My mom picks on the slightest detail that isn’t ‘perfect’ why she cant understand that my wedding is more about me getting married than whether we have white lillies or pink ones I’ll never know!!!

Poor h2b is being driven doolally by her every two seconds its ‘why havent you bought a house yet’, ‘why have you got a new job’ blah blah blah!!!

Mothers - who’d have 'em!


Bunny… your plans sound lovely and I love your dress…

Christina… Mom is precisely why I paid for 100% of my wedding… and when mom still wanted to complain (and boy did I give her lots to complain about) I told her that is the way I wanted it…iow… my money, my choice!

Seriously! Mom even bought a unity candle which I refused to use (mil is agoraphobic… no way I was getting her up to light a candle)
And mom just couldn’t get through her head that the wedding was formal but the reception was very informal… she wanted to wear a fancy dress!

Stop by and chat with a great group of Catholic brides on my Catholic Wedding Forum: Our Lady’s Brides




Yeah, come on over! We have a great group and great discussions. :slight_smile:

Bunny - the jet-set bride to be! Sounds like you will be one busy lady.

Heh, I was totally going to make the same joke!

Ours is in a little under four months now and I’ve been having some freak outs lately. Mostly vendor issues. And my mother inviting every person with a uterus related to me to my shower. Which I didn’t want.(both the shower and the entire female population of the western world).

I’m planning from 200 miles away which is only increasing the stress levels, but almost everything is completely done, which is nice, now it’s just addressing invites, my fittings and the seating chart.

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