Sooooo frustrated!

I wouldnt give you the satisfaction brother! At least it surely didn’t come from your sarcastic “advice.”

God Bless!

Because we (humans) have no power to convert anyone. The Holy Spirit does. The only think we can do is show and witness to the truth. The other person has to engage their free will and accept it. My advice? Stop trying and let the Spirit do its thing.

Viva Cristo Rey!!


My advice was not meant to offend you, it was meant to get your attention, which it did. Perhaps some of the frustration I experience spilled over into my posting - my wife converted away from the Catholic faith 12 years ago and I have been through the “discussions” only to discover that I am often the biggest obstacle to the progress which I hope and pray for. Anyhow, I am not offended that you have chosen to ignore my advice in favor of the advice of others who recommended - basically - some of the same things.

I apologize if I upset you with my comments. I don’t call my self Philthy for nothing! :wink:


There are just two thoughts jumping out at me:

  1. Love and honour our separated brethren for what we have in common - that we call Jesus our Lord and Saviour, and honour His commandments
  2. Do not risk judging their reasons for not joining the Catholic church. You have suggested that it is because they want a religion based on feelings, or just obstinacy. It is not your, or my, place to judge either of these.

Yes, please keep presenting arguments for the faith, but avoid judging others.

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