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A Reference Thread is a locked thread that has been artificially constructed, either by drafting posts specifically for inclusion in it or by selectively editing an existing thread to remove extraneous material. In either instance, the intent is to produce an “expert” thread to answer recurrent queries received here, without either re-posting material that has been the subject of multiple prior threads or searching through hundreds of threads to provide the inquirer with a relevant link.

Reference Threads tend to be created around factual topics that may reflect differences in practice or belief between Catholic Churches, but are not particularly controversial. If, after reading a Reference Thread, you have further questions or need clarification of any matter in it, please open a new thread in the Spirituality forum or post to an existing relevant thread.

** Should you believe that you have worthwhile material to add to a Reference Thread, please contact the Forum Moderator by PM to arrange access for posting to the thread.

Suggestions for new topics to be added to our Reference Thread set are always welcome and should be directed by PM to the Forum Moderator. **

Note - Reference Threads are a construct of individual members who post on the Catholic Answers Forums; the threads neither represent the opinion of nor are they endorsed by Catholic Answers or its staff, which have expressed no opinion on the completeness or accuracy of the content presented therein.

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