Sophie Turner mocks Donald Trump for 'calling Europe a country' during debate

I’m just posting this because we all know that if Biden had made this slip of the tongue the right-wing media would have been reporting that it was evidence that he is suffering from dementia.


I view it as more reflective of the fact that for many Americans Europe is far away. For us who live here in various European states the political and regional differences we notice are not so apparent to them.


Quite probably, although two of Trump’s wives have been European, as was his mother, so he must be reasonably familiar with the continent. But when I was listening to the debate, and he said, “other countries, in particular Europe”, my first thought was that if Biden had said that, the headlines on Breitbart and Fox would have been, “Biden says that Europe is a country” or “Biden doesn’t even know that Europe is a continent”.

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Since the EU is a monolith when it comes to trade, it is easy to think of it as one country.

In the heat of debate it’s an easy mis-phrasing. Not at all like the incoherent ramblings that make one question Biden’s sharpness.


Sounds like he obviously indicated/meant the region.


Biden does not have “incoherent ramblings.” He has name and phrase lack of recognition. It is Trump who has incoherent ramblings, difficulty putting words and phrases together properly.


Just like Africa is a country and Asia=China.

Who is Sophie Turner?
Never heard of her.

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And your views are well known very much supporting the Democrats, possibly even enabling NY leading Democrats to enable some policies that some call infanticide while at the same time, scoffing at abortion. I remember one saying Trump did not care about abortion. . . .

. . . .

We should all be more charitable.

Let’s not forget, “Never Again”.

Europe and the EU are not the same thing.

Quite obviously. Or he meant “in Europe”. I just thought that this should be highlighted because we all know what the right-wing media does every time Biden makes a similar slip of the tongue. It’s always, “Biden introduced himself as his own husband”, “Biden thinks he’s running for the Senate”, “Biden didn’t even know which state he was in”, “Biden thinks that 200 million Americans are dead from coronavirus”, etc. I think it’s fair if Trump is held to the same standard, i.e. he makes one tiny mistake and we conclude that he has dementia.

She is best known for playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

It was rhetorical. I really don’t care who she is or what she thinks. Jon Voight is a conservative. I don’t care what he thinks, either. Hollywood types Typically aren’t reliable resources. They’re as welcome to their opinion and express it as anyone. I just think they are worthy of ignoring.

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She’s from the UK apparently, I had no idea who she was either.

What’s next? Posting from the Star? Bild?

Did someone say it was?

I don’t see what Trump even said that was wrong from reading the original statement.

Biden makes this sort of slip all the time. Heck, I make my own slips with names, though geography is pretty ingrained in me. The only thing this sort of slip does is belie the story that Biden is the old, sleepy, senile one vs. a sharp, brilliant genius. Instead of a debate, I would like to see them go head to head in a general knowledge quiz show, maybe with a seventh-grader thrown in for comparison.

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When I first read this, I thought it said Sophie Tucker.

That one with regards to Africa is overused at times, people forget how many cultures there are in Africa. Asia is used in a different way as a phrase in the UK, you could mean Indians and Pakistanis as well here and in general conversation would be more likely to be including them when using the term ‘Asian’.

Shouldn’t you be aiming to challenge the seventh-grader a bit?

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You apparently do NOT know my political views, not that I expect you or anyone else to follow all my posts. But if you had done so, you would know that I support neither Trump nor Biden in this election. Further, I take each issue as I see it, not necessarily in line with the Democratic point of view.

Apart from the above, since when is anyone not permitted to express their political views or be critical of a candidate, no matter which party or candidate they support? And it happens to be true that Trump does not care about abortion. He is an opportunist who might just as easily have taken the pro-choice position. My own views on abortion are influenced by my religious beliefs, but not entirely so.


Possibly it is time to once again point out that playing the ball and not the man is best in debate of this kind.

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I am posting these because the original story I posted was deleted because it was from the Daily Mirror. Hopefully it’s okay to post from the right-wing Hindu nationalist website RepublicWorld and the Pakistani newspaper The News International.

Your original link to the Daily Mirror is still there, not a great paper, but far from the worst of the red tops.

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