Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse" [Reuters]

Ridgerunner is quite informed. His posts are informative and not placed for shock value. I always lear something from him.:smiley: Thank you for the information that can be useful in these times.


The idea that Soros is part of a conspiracy has no basis. Not only him, but many across the political/economic spectrum are warning of dire consequences in store for us. Ex. Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Gerry Celente

Sadly, Mr. Soros is not part of a conspiracy but he is part of the power elite that rule by fear and secrecy. The New Fed Chairman warned Congress some weeks ago that opaque deals are being cut on Wall Street. Pick up the latest BusinessWeek, there’s an article about how home values were artificially inflated and how an impartial arbitrator is now needed to stop the spread of greed. Sad.

If you read CNN Business carefully, you’ll see companies meeting or exceeding their earnings estimates. 90% of people who have mortgages are paying them on time. Wall Street is crying to the taxpayers but what they need is a good kick in the pants. The automobile industry had to be restructured and the government and Wall Street has given them the tools to do it, i.e. do it our way, retire or take a buyout or you get nothin. And “the government made us do it!”

This too shall pass, but in order to keep people scared, and watching TV commercials, vague and alarmist talk will go on for a few more months. The Republicans will be leading the “somebody should’ve listened to us” charge because to say nothing could be interpreted as their being irrelevant now that they are out of “power.”

Pray for President Obama,

Soros makes good points that capitalism can be unethical and can harm the developing countries of the world

Since he himself serves as the best example of an unethical capitalist, any good points he makes about capitalism being unethical are hypocritical…

Obama’s egotisitical slogan “we are the change we have been waiting for” for Soros becomes “we are the example that we are railing against”.

I guess it’s possible Soros is trying to set lower expectations for the Obama Administration.

I used to think the stock markets were mere indicators of economic health. Not true. The health of the stock markets very much affect the health of the economy. The utter incompetence Obama’s Treasury guy and Congressional guile has caused the stock markets to plunge. Our economy will reflect this soon.

CVS just reported a huge Q4.

Other retailers didn’t do too well but that was kind of expected as they were shrinking inventory to increase liquidity. There are two ways to do this. One is to drop prices and move products. The other is to cut orders from suppliers. Most chose the second option.

So, the way I look at it, things weren’t so bad before. Obama and Congress have made them worse.

I am not buying this explanation because the stock market took a big drop in October 2008, while Bush was President.

Our current government wants us to be afraid.Mr Obama talks about how dire things are and how only the government can fix them.
I feel sure they figure all the fight is out of us. I mean, the country voted into office a man who stood for change never one time telling us what he meant by change.
They anticipate being able to move us into a nanny state which is in fact a slave state without so much as a whimper. :eek:

O yeah…and Soros backed him.

It was Bush and the Republican administration which started the federal bailout of Wall Street.

Yes…but the Stock Market drops since Obama’s election are not a reaction to Bush. Investors react to confidence in the future. Obviously, they don’t have any confidence in Obama’s strategy so far.

Clearly, Bush has to take some blame for our economic problems (just as Clinton was rightly blamed by Conservatives for the economic slowdown during the end of his term and beginning of Bush’s first term…something most Liberals refused to recognize). However, investors are obviously not impressed or encouraged by Obama thus far.

So? Are you stuck in the past? Is Obama changing course on the bailouts?

Whoo boy! I’ve seen that if quite a few movies, and that didn’t turn out so well. And while we’re on it, let’s **not **open the tomb, let’s **not **clone dinosaurs, let’s not splice our genes with anything, let’s not give the robots AI, and, uh…Well, that’s about it. Oh, let’s not tick of God either, the few films on Genesis kinda showed that to be something of a bad idea.

So, worst case scenario. The world economy spasms and dies. Dark ages? Or, like they just love to say, roving bands of bandits on cars and on motorbikes, searching for gasoline in the post apocalyptic wasteland?

Heck, I think reverting to the Dark ages might be a good thing. Y’know, so long as barbarians don’t destroy every vestige of high thought and culture. Toilets, but more importanly, toilet paper, would be a shame to have to reinvent.

So while we’re off farming, we’ll still have learned the bad side of the fuedal system, our Theology would be sound, heck, our environment would probobly have some time to heal, the buffulo some time to repopulate. Hey! We wouldn’t fall for that nasty slavery thing a second time, would we? Or…inquisitions, or crusades, well…Some folks have them today, still, don’t they?

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