Sorry for asking again - Marital relations?

Please help - In reviewing an examination of conscience on the following was listed under the sixth and ninth commandments: Have I denied my spouse his or her marriage rights (assuming this means relations)?

Does the Church define what these rights are? Is frequency defined? Where can I find this information?

I am looking for references to Church documents that I can read (catechism?, other Church document?).


Duplicate Thread

I understand that this was a duplicate thread, but my question was not answered. Reference documents anyone? How do I know what the church really teaches on this issue?

Have you tried asking an Apologist? Oftentimes, they’re better at digging up Church documents than us regular folks (I just tried going through my Catechism, but couldn’t find the answers to your questions, either). :smiley:

I am 99.99% certain that frequency of relations is not defined, largely because each couple has their own preferences and some couples (through sickness, accidents, etc.) are unable to share in the marital embrace at all.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful – Good luck in your search!

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