Sorry For Having An Obsession With Blasphemy

Okay. I think this will hopefully be my last post on blasphemy. Really sorry for spamming. I just want to make sure if I’m correct on this or not and this is very alike to my previous post about the unforgivable sin. So I was at school one day talking to my friend about this anime called Naruto. We both like to watch it and it has some hand signs in it. So one hand sign was where you would take two of your hands pull up two fingers pointer and middle and cross them so they look like a cross. I would say something like “shadow clone jutsu!” as a joke. In my head I was saying sorry God but this isn’t a cross so it’s okay if I were making it a cross intentionally would it be blasphemy against the Holy Spirit or no? Same question for if I weren’t doing it intentionally. Don’t worry this will be my last post on blasphemy.

It’s not blasphemy. I don’t think it matters whether it is intentional or unintentional, or whether it is a cross or is not a cross. It’s just a hand sign. Be at peace.

Unforgivable sin is refusing to repent until death (because you cannot repent after you have croaked). When I was a freshman in high school a few years ago I worried nonstop that I had committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because of “unwanted thoughts”. I honestly thought I was going to hell and would literally come home and cry some days. Come to find out I was completely wrong and have not worried about it in years. Even if you intentionally blaspheme the Holy Spirit, the sin is forgivable, but still very serious. I am assuming you are high school age, don’t worry you’ll outgrow worrying you just need to make an intentional effort to do so. Good luck!!!

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I might be struggling with that because I’m not sure if I’m repenting or not and I feel like my contrition is attrition my motive is that I am hurting Jesus’s father and that Jesus went through all his suffering by dying for my sins and I feel like I do feel regret and sadness but I feel like my repentance when it comes to feelings I don’t know if I am because when I feel sorrow am I supposed to feel something like mentally or in my body or physically I’m kind of confused on this

So it’s not showing lack of reverence to the cross? I thought blasphemy was lack of reverence or irreverence to God.

I really recommend talking about this with your Priest and your parents. Let them guide your understanding.


Blasphemy is not merely irreverance or lack of reverence, but somethiong a bit more serious, which I am sure you are not guilty of. Here is a definition from the Catechism:

Blasphemy is directly opposed to the second commandment. It consists in uttering against God - inwardly or outwardly - words of hatred, reproach, or defiance; in speaking ill of God; in failing in respect toward him in one’s speech; in misusing God’s name.

Oh now I get it. What about my repentance? I’ll ask my priest too if I get the chance

What sort of repentance are you referring to? Repenting of what?

I guess anything or everything I feel like I didn’t really repent I think I do feel sorry but at the same time my minds telling me I dont

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