Sorry for the bellyachin' here's more gratitude to God for my being Catholic

Sorry for any scandal and/or bad example from my anger about how the Church is going and about what clerics are doing about it or not doing about it or what any did to make things difficult since Vatican 2. I’m probably angry at myself for being too cowardly (when I think about it, I can understand the anxieties but then I can’t–to their degree–of clerics in telling their congregation hard truths and wearing their habits in the radical climate that was building up) to meet with any of these priests (though I don’t feel right arguing with a priest) or doing anything else productive–even if just to pray more than occasionally for good things to come (though I’m trying to pick it up).

Anyway, I admit I have issues. Please forgive my pride and anger. Forgive my sins which affect everyone’s soul indirectly-just by sinning. I really do think things will get better though. I do think we need the classic art, architecture, music and instructive sermons, but I should be more grateful we have the priests and bishops we have to provide us with the sacraments because, it could get a lot worse if 1 world government types, terrorist-type Muslims, etc. ever took control using nukes, legislation or something and persecuted our clergy to near extinction. Many countries have had it that worse. Our seperated brethren gave us a free ride in comparison to some of the other countries. I’m grateful for having them when I stop bellyachin’ and think about it.

Heck, I like seeing any Christian churches all around for that reason, but it would be great to see them as such in the 'burbs because, otherwise, they can get lost visually and/or symbolically amongst video stores, gas stations, adult video stores, etc. and we don’t get these important reminders of our Christian duty (that goes for religious and clerics in habits also).

In any case, we have a Church that cannot fail in eternal truths about faith and morals. I’m grateful to God for that! No other churches have that [BTW, any comments about others’ churches or religions is not really a reflection on their character, but I don’t think they predispose them to make best moral decisions or analysis of the Bible as a collective in that they are not anchored to “The Rock” and can slide via the winds of change into modernism, though there are those amongst them that correspond to graces given them far more often than I have with those given me].

I still don’t see any harm in expecting better though, when possible. We definitely should pray for clergy and religious and give them support and charitable tips (to keep outreach to certain groups going while not confusing or disaffecting the regulars and not losing sight of the Mass as a solemn ritualistic reliving of Christ’s approach to and sacrifice on Calvary). Though some had bad motives and others, insidious, for becoming priests, I think most mean well and try to do right as they believe what’s right to be in these weird modern times.

  Ok.  I'll try to be more positive about positive things in posts.  I hope I didn't run any non-Christians off here.  We Catholics, esp. cradle Catholics who never left and came back (although I kind of did that), just take things for granted and bicker.   That could be an ingratitude for what we have but it could be that we love it so much that we are passionate in wanting the best for it and our solutions conflict and we forget charity (I think Holy Wars are fought by 2 forces who want God to rule in the way each believe to be His Will for us and that happens--though charity needs to be considered highly in a more practical pursuit for reigning in God's Will over all on Earth).  When we think of it,  "To Whomelse can we go?".  "Wherelse can we receive Jesus under 'our roof' or be sure that Christ forgives and reconciles us to himself as he gave the Apostles the ability to do in his name and pass it on to their successors by their binding and loosing authority"?

Thank God for the Catholic Faith in all its rites! God’s patronage of it really takes the guesswork out of something none of us could have done otherwise–not even a body of clerics we’d submit to–that is correctly expounding upon Tradition and the Bible to make fundamental dogmas on matters of faith and morals under the close supervision of the Holy Spirit so that hell cannot prevail against the Mystical Body of Christ on Earth. It is also by the grace of God I am a Catholic and by the grace of God I hold to its truths. I lost it once by my own pride and I could have lost it forever since I obviously wasn’t asking for it at the time. I believe Mary and probably my Guardian Angel and birth and Confirmation patrons had a part in bringing back that grace also. Maybe even my deceased relatives for all I know helped also.

God bless you all and I hope you’ll get the grace to be Catholic if not already.


May God strengthen your resolve and inspire the rest of us!

I wThanks! I went to one of those flying saucere churches for a Moither of Perpetual Help/benediction service. Very beautiful! There was incense and a couple songs in Latin. There was a rosary and lots of prayers to Mary. I have hope!

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