Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh,25197,23583376-5013480,00.html

Pretty disturbing.

Of course, on the other hand, the global warming hucksters knew this was coming; that’s why you hear less and less about “global warming” and more and more about “climate change”.

For this poor guy, too:

“I absolutely forbid you to post that article!!! Do you hear???”

Well…as an ice hockey fan, all I have to say is FANTASTIC! My son always wanted to be able to skate in a backyard rink, but it wasn’t even cold enough in Denver to do that. :frowning: Now, maybe he’ll have a chance as an adult. :wink:

Well, if most of North America is going to end up covered in a kilometer and a half of ice like the guy says, at least we won’t have to worry about the national debt any more, will we?

Wonder what the people 100,000 years from now will make of those things in the missile silos when they thaw out? :wink:

Come to think of it, it’s probably pretty disturbing for this pooe guy, too:

"I absolutely FORBID you to post that article!!! Do you HEAR ME???"

These things happen on time scales that are hard to believe (not to God, despite some things you will hear from literalists). In our times we are just beginning to see the end, or is it a beginning, of another cycle.

I was on an archaeological dig last year that oncovered soils from the last ice age. Right at that boundary, we found evidence of humans.

If Pleistocene man could survive, does any rational person think that modern humanity cannot adapt? I vote for the future of my people.

Have we, as humans, accelerated the change? Maybe, but in the end it’s probably irrelevant. The polar bears will either adapt, or they won’t, ala, the giant sloth, mastadon, sabre-tooth tiger, etal.

God is more amazing that I can imagine.


Just an addition…the new ice age thought is lagely based on the notion of of global warming. As the ice caps melt, particularly Greenland, they dump cold water into the ocean system that will eventually stop the Gulf Stream.

Stop, or retard, the Gulf Stream, and most of Europe gets very cold. The rest follows.
We’ll (I’ll. or, yes We’ll) never see it, but it is probably irreversible.


Personally, I’m glad that the giant sloth didn’t make it. The regular sized ones at the zoo give me the heebie jeebies. A giant one would most likely send me over the edge. :eek:

Is it 2008 or 1981. I remember the Ice Age hype of the early 80’s. Wait a minute…Some of the same “scientists” that were involved with that are same ones involved with the “global warming” fraud.

You mean like these guys?,8816,944914,00.html

Personally, I’m glad that the giant sloth didn’t make it. The regular sized ones at the zoo give me the heebie jeebies. A giant one would most likely send me over the edge.

But Cari,

At least they’re very slowwwwwwww.


And stinky, and aggressive, if the eyewitnesses from the following article are to be believed:

Me? I’m steering clear of the Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue:

And two months from now, another group of experts will declare the exact opposite, rinse and repeat. :slight_smile:



No, seriously John…are you sure that the Global Warming wasn’t caused by the last Ice Age? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the article was about the lack of sunspot activity causing cooling, one can only conclude that the cooling Gulf Stream puts them out. :whacky:

The earth has been warming since the last ice age…

All you need to know about the site you linked can be demonstrated in the first sentence:

Disconcerting as it may be to true believers in global warming, the average temperature on Earth has remained steady or slowly declined during the past decade, despite the continued increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, and now the global temperature is falling precipitously.

But here’s the actual temps in graph:

Notice that only one year prior to the year 2000 is as warm as any year since. Notice the red five-year avearage line. Notice that it’s getting steeper.

And yet, these guys seem totally unable to process that data. Why would you listen to anyone who lacked 6th grade data skills?

Graphs again. Based on computer projections, which of course only produce conclusions from the data you feed into them. Select your data, you get the desired result.

So basically, we’re back to lies, damned lies, and statistics.

The simple fact of the matter is that the scientists can’t agree with each other about climate. So the faction which runs around screaming, “Oh, my God, we’re all going to boil!” is countered by the other faction which runs around screaming, “Oh, my God, we’re all going to freeze!” The rest of us sit here and eat popcorn and laugh. It’s better than a trip to the circus.

I’m not a sophisticated fellow. But I do know what I can feel on my own hide. In my particular locale, we have had less than one week of truly hot weather this summer, whereas we normally have weeks of it. Last winter and spring were so abnormally cold that farmers postponed haying several weeks, despite a lot of rain. When the grass is “behind”, you know it’s a cool year. Interestingly, tall fescue, a “cool season grass” has not gone dormant, which it normally does during midsummer.

It might be getting warmer somewhere, but it sure ain’t here.

Well I am off to buy a pair of good gloves before panic buying starts!

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