Sort of lying and mortal sin?


So I was asked to call to an internet company and ask to cancel the service. I lied in some parts during the call. Would this be a mortal sin?


Well, that would depend on the gravity of the lie. If, for example, you lied about what the time of day was, that would probably be less grave than, say, lying about sending them their check last month. Bring it to a priest in confession and they’ll know better than we will.


My lie was actually that we did not have that service and that we did not know why we were being charged for the service (both of which I knew).


My lie was actually that we did not have that service and that we did not know why we were being charged for the service (both of which I knew).

This is dishonesty as well as an attempt to steal. You should reconcile this with the company and with God as soon as you can. Is it grave enough to constitute a mortal sin? Speak with your confessor.


The issue was that we were being charged for the email service which we no longer needed. I cancelled the service two years ago. So I was asked to call in behalf of my mother (who was being charged for the email service). And I stated that we were charged for service which we did not have (which we did) and I did not know why we were charged (which I did). So, would this still be considered stealing? I didn’t even have the equipment necessary to have internet.


Even if you didn’t utilize the email, if you were subscribed to that service I’d imagine that you are still morally obligated to pay for it. That’s just my take, I could be wrong.


You are right. But would I be guilty of stealing? That was not my intention.


That’s something I would ask in confession. It’s kind of a “gray area” because “stealing” an email service isn’t tangible like stealing someone’s wallet would be.

But, a service was provided to you for which you agreed to pay. Now you don’t want to pay for the service because you didn’t use it. If I rented a car for a week but didn’t drive it off the lot at the end of the week I will still have to pay for that rental. If I didn’t pay, that would be stealing. Its taking something without giving back what was promised.


I will have to ask in confession. And sorry for asking so much questions (I am a recent convert). Is being rude a mortal sin? And is listening to “impure” jokes a mortal sin (I go to college, and in a lecture, the professor was stating impure jokes and like everyone else, I would chuckle)?


so you cancelled it but they still gave you the service? why did you not reported it sooner?


Yes, I cancelled it (the whole internet service), but except the email service because they wanted me to check my email and to handle anything that was linked to the email before cancelling the email service. I never got around to check that email (which I never used). I did not report it sooner because they were charging me like $1 for the email service. Now they we charging me $2 (according to my mother). So, the dollar was not really a problem for me but $2 was beginning to become a problem since money is tight right now.


but you were paying? if so, why did you lie? just telling them how everything was could solve the problem, doesnt it?


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