Sort of silly question, but


Suppose you have someone who has a mental condition that involves two personalities. One is an extremely devout and pious Catholic, who under any circumstances, would basically be guaranteed beatification. But his second personality is a zealous atheist or pagan or something.

Would this person have two souls? Or would both be punished/rewarded together?


I suppose, to answer this question, one would need an understanding of multiple personality disoder that I just don’t have.:shrug:


Anyone want to take a shot at this?


God grants each of us one soul and one soul only. This has nothing to do with multiple personality, a very rare psychiatric disorder. A person suffering such a disorder would not be responsible for their actions in the same way as a well person.


A person has one soul.

Multiple personality disorder is a mental illness which should be treated by a competent medical professional.

God is just and merciful and so we trust him in the case of those who are mentally ill and have diminished capacity.


When you used the word 'beautification" in describing this individual, i know you to be a person of spiritual persuit. Otherwise you would never have used such a knowledgable word.
knowingly, my response will be accordingly.

Within us there is the onging battle of good vs evil. It is a battle that begins from the moment of our birth and continues until we draw the last wimpering breath. In truth, it is a fight to determine the fate of our soul.

This person, by your discription, has done some extrodinary good deeds to warrent such praise. Indeed, beautification is but a step down from sainthood. Such praise is seldom bestowed, and this is precisely why the “beast” takes such pains in attacking him or her. Truth being, the closer you are to the Nazarene, the more pleasure the ‘beast’ takes in corrupting the relationship. With each mistep taken, the results are much magnified. And the ‘beast’ laughs.

What can you do? And i remind you, this is strictly if you are ,indeed, spiritual. Otherise it is all ‘chinese’.

Before anything, go to confession and recieve God.

Now you must substract from his or het environement anything that remotely resembles the influence of evil. No matter how mundane they appear. Pictures, books, statues and anything you determine to cast a shadow against righteousness. All the while reciting the Lord’s prayer. This has the affect of making the home not so hopitable to the “beast”.

Once satisfied, you are to physically clean his or her home . Afterwards spot real holy water throughout his or her house. Again, praying the Lord’s prayer. This will infact make it unbearable for the ‘beast’ to sustain himself in a "clean’ home.

Lastly, ask God for your innermost intentions regarding the fate of the person you are seeking divine intervention.

Repeat this as necessary. The stronger the ‘beast’, the more patience is required

But is the beast clings and refuses to flee the comforts of the flesh, you must seek a ‘pure’ individual to aid you.


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