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It came up with my girlfriend that I might be called to the priesthood. Well, rather than show her support, she said she couldn’t be around anymore because she thought she meant more to me. I said that if it is God’s will there’s no reason I wouldn’t. I love her and she means a lot, but she’s making it hard. She said if God really loved his people like people say he wouldn’t have done that to her. Now, I understand and I am grounded in my faith, but she refuses to put too much effort into prayer and is constantly doubting God. She said today that she still wanted to be around but she couldn’t imagine being around me without being able to act as we used to. She doesn’t have many people to fall back on, and she thinks no one cares. I realize now that God might not be calling me to the priesthood, but telling me I’m not meant to be with her. Either way I am totally up to doing God’s will, and I would be greatly honored if it was for me to enter the priesthood. I will continue to discern through prayer.

Pray for us; and pray hard.
(P.S. Advice is welcomed.)

Thanks. :frowning:


Dear Jesus, guide these two people along the right path. Give them the grace to communicate well with each other and to turn to You Lord in prayer to make the right decision. Help them not to feel confused but to put all of their trust in You. Amen.
Our Blessed Virgin pray for them to do your Son’s Holy Will. Amen.


Holding you both in my thoughts and prayers.


Thank you for your prayers Star and Catherine, they’re appreciated. I feel safe in God’s hands.:o


Just musing, not giving advice…Yes, we can love someone but that doesn’t make them the person we want to spend the rest of life with. When we love someone who is insecure and doesn’t trust easily, whether other humans or God, the difficulty is never far away. It just depends on whether you’re willing to be ready to reassure her personally and to bolster her faith when nesessary, inasmuch as that is possible. Although your love and faithfulness could have helped, now, you are to be doubted and that crack may never heal, showing up whenever something challenges. I had my trust broken when I was very young, so whereas there is no one around to help me, my husband has turned atheist when he became ill some years ago, I have always struggled and am shot down very easily. I just keep trying, that’s my strength, I suppose, that I try. Sometimes people think there’s more to me. They’re wrong. I have empathy, and I try. To think we can change someone…we can’t. God may. He often doesn’t, we’re usually stuck with our scars and have to work with them anyway.That’s why I wrote the following at one time

Appreciating others

Jesus, I honour others for their goodness. Yet, help me to share Your compassion, respect and delight in those who seem (to themselves or others)to reflect Your face poorly. Grant me the gift of conveying to each person, the beautiful, glimpsed vision of self, as You love him or her, a fallible human with entwined faults and virtues.

One sometimes glimpses another’s discouraged self-judgement, for he fears that Your plan of salvation builds upon some unlikely ‘ideal self’. He perhaps hopes that to others, only the good is evident. He fears that were others to sense the extent of his unworthiness, they may reject him—as indeed he fears You may.

Jesus, please extend Your hand to him through those who see his efforts and who have faith in the secret, unique miracle of him. Let him know that You love him as he is, and that You plan his holiness around his actual self. You fulfil Your dream of him and serve others through his flawed personality with its abilities, gifts and virtues, along with its faults and scars. Assure him that his efforts to live the Gospel are more precious because of his temptations and flaws, so that he is encouraged to faith and self-acceptance.

God let me see and share Your beautiful, unique, creative vision of each brother and sister, regardless of ‘apparent’ flaws. In my warm acceptance of him grant to each person that restoring, blossoming fruitfulness of love—which the image of him cherished and accepted as he really is—produces in the most barren and bleak heart. 1982


Seeking God’s will

God, You see me anxious about discerning the right course, and then my subsequent doubts. I fear that if I misconstrue Your will, someone may be denied what You would delight to give through me. Bless them, supplying what my selfishness or confusion denies them.

I trust that whatever good I honestly attempt will be guided and transformed by You, regardless of my obvious failures. Perhaps when I die, I may discover that my present life hides the overflowing richness of Your love embracing others through my efforts and prayers.

Accept my gift of myself to You. Temper my faith and faithfulness in Your love within the events of my life. Burn away my sinfulness and apathy through daily responsibility and prayer. Heal my confusion and stress. Let everything for which You created me, be completely fulfilled. Worship and delight Yourself in my life. May 1981

In a way I suppose I was exploring your dilemma, and certainly not giving any answers or advice, because I don’t know either…our doubts must be listened to and sometimes our minds find different ways to express them like “Maybe I’m called to another vocation” yet even that may be a prompting to seek a deeper meaning for the relationship.

So our God, please make clear to this man what You see as best for his future as a man of faith and love fulfilling Your dream of him, and please take the greatest care of his more fragile friend. Please heal her of her past injuries and scars, and help her to flourish in faith and love wherever and with whomever is best for her spiritual and human maturity and happiness.


Hail Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the Fruit Of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


I am praying …




Thank you all; these prayers mean much to me.


Lord, please help this good soul to meet with a director of vocations so he can find some help discerning your will for him. We need good priests; help him respond to this need for priests with a generous heart. Please help his friend to find someone who can befriend her and help her grow in a life of faith in you. May they both find peace and true love in their lives. Love of you - and in the girl’s case - love from a holy man who is right for her. Amen.


Lol a little biased? :wink:

I kid; I’d love to be a priest actually, but the situation is rather confusing.

Thank you ready; most appreciated. :slight_smile:


Thy will be done.

That’s what discernment is about. :slight_smile: Since you’re considering the priesthood your parish priest is a good place to start, as well as the Director of Vocations for you Diocese for example. If you have connected with an order you can contact the Director of Vocations there for example. These priests can also talk with your girlfriend. She’s not the first girlfriend with a boyfriend who feels called to the vocation of priesthood. :slight_smile:

There are Vocations Retreats usually a couple times a year at seminaries and under other auspices which your priest or Director of Vocations could tell you about.

Are you reading any of the threads in the Vocations section here in the Forums? I’m sure there would be others there with similar concerns. There are also many blogs and videos (scroll down a short way, right hand column). You’ve probably been to these already.

God be with you.- Mary Louise


I was told by my friend who had contacted our diocese about vocations that they were like recruiting officers for the army, and made it increasingly difficult to discern. My parish priest is an enormous help however. :slight_smile:

I will look into that. :slight_smile:

Not lately no, but I’m going to check now that you brought it up. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:


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