Sorting souls

This morning’s meditation from Word Among Us is another beauty!

Here are a couple highlights from it:

Consider the fish in Jesus’ parable. They are of many different types, but they all have one thing in common: They will all be caught in the fishermen’s net, and then sorted through to be branded good or bad. That sounds a lot like the way God works, doesn’t it? He calls us, his fishermen, to fill his nets by bringing into the kingdom everyone we can—no questions asked, no judgments rendered. Then, at the final judgment, he will sort through them himself and decide who is worthy of his kingdom.

If we want to have the right attitude for evangelization, we need to take on Jesus’ perspective. He loved everyone he spoke to, and his one desire was for them to come to his Father through repentance and faith. He was interested in their sin only because it kept them from God. He didn’t come into the world to condemn people; he came to save them (John 3:17). Likewise, our evangelization should be focused on the promise of salvation, not on the sins people commit. While we should never downplay God’s judgment, the most fruitful seeds we can plant are those of his mercy.

We often see threads at this site disparaging people for any number of shortcomings they may have, and often lamenting the “need” for a “smaller, purer Church”. They usually take the tack of being “fraternal correction”, but often actually contain a great tone of apparent superiority, *a la *the Pharisee thanking God for not making him like “other men”.

As noted here though, we are called–as we are likewise in the parable about the man sending out for all of those along the byways to come to the wedding feast–to bring all of the “fish” to Jesus and let him do the sorting.

A later line in the meditation comments that “It is important to remember that looking inside a person’s soul is not a job for amateurs!” And the gospel reading itself says “Thus it will be at the end of the age. The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous…” Since none of us are those angels being sent out, and none of us are anything beyond “amateurs” when it comes to judging souls, it would seem to me that it would behoove us to not take any chances that we might sort out a wounded soul that just needed a little work from the Divine Healer, but which is then removed from that possibility by our own harsh words or attitude.

Please, Lord, help us in our weakness to remember that ALL of us are infinitely dependent on your mercy, and that those most wounded are especially dependent on our efforts to help them find healing rather than condemnation.

John, what a good reflection!.
It is important not being judgmental, nor being petty about things.
Like you said, sometimes we run into thread topics here that remind me what St. Teresa said about “idle talk”. She criticized some “idle talks” even they appeared to be “holy”.
We ought to avoid idle talks.

Today’s Gospel also reminds me how inadequate for the claim of salvation by faith alone. If as long as the fish gets in the net will remain in the net forever, there won’t be the parable of Jesus we read today. In today’s Gospel, it clearly says not everyone believes in God and accepts the salvation will be guaranteed the Kingdom. At the end, the Lord will do the sort. Some will be thrown out.

Talking about sorting, I cannot help think in computer term – my daily job. If at the end, the sorting is on descending sequence of virtues and graces fully utilized then whoever best met God’s standard will be on the top, so on and so forth.
(According to computer sorting, descending sequence means the highest value will be on the top of list, lowest value will be on the bottom of the list.)
Wow, I hope I could make on the upper part of that list.
I am just talking out loud for fun here.

There are days when I hope I could be at least in the upper portion of the list.

There are other days when I just hope that I’m not one of the fish being turned into cat food. :blush: I think it’s on those days especially when I can find some comfort in knowing who it is that’s doing the sorting.

Cat food! Love that! The next time someone tells me “I hope you won’t be left behind”, I hope I can remember to say, “I hope you won’t be cat food”. Give them something to think about.:smiley:


Thoughtful and eloquent. Thank you, ncjohn :slight_smile:

Well Excuuuuuuuse me, but just what is wrong with being cat food? Cats are creatures of God, they need to be fed, and maybe it is God’s will for you to make a cat happy and well fed.:rolleyes:

And when it is all over, God can reach into the litter box and pull you out whole in your human form. :smiley:

Ahh, I see you recognize me!
Or did my wife tip you off? :rotfl:

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