Soul and divinity


I believe that there are two wombs that we pass through. One is our mother’s–to become flesh. And second, is the earth to become a living-breathing soul. It is our experiences and choices that determines our souls. Words are what describe our souls–that’s why I think Jesus says, it is what comes out of your mouth that will defile you. In truth, if you think about it, it is the words that portray or paint a picture of our souls to ourselves and to others. Like for instance, how can you tell a sinner apart from a saint? Usually the first words out of a sinners mouth has to do with money or money related. Remember this when I told you, the next time you have a conversation with someone–the first thing that comes out of their mouths is money-related. What will these poor souls do when they pass through life unto death unto life when they realize their souls are not what they could be or should be?
Good thing there are people waiting for us on the otherside, hopefully, good people, waiting to receive us and alter our opinions of what reality actually is–from a materialistic world to a spiritual existence; as we all have spirits that define our reality. A spirit is a driving force of what is consistant to our being. A soul is our actual form or outward form–that which interacts with the world, to carry our spirits.
God is merely a concept and in fact manifests itself within existing beings and men, to help us hold a greater light to our souls–in hopes that we could be like God, in spirit and in truth. Whether a God exists or not is irrelevant; when one must have something above one’s self in order to transcend the limitations of the physical and mental realm, into a spiritual existence.
And yes, I do believe in the trinity–that where there are three Gods, they are divine. I do also believe that their is a Father most high; however, I do also believe that it is not the Fathers’ intentions to limit our spirits, since in striving for his perfection, all things must be able to be attained by our own beings–in that our greatest desires may be fullfilled. Perhaps, more! more! is the cry of a mistaken soul; and that less than all cannot satisfy man. However, the angels would have you believe that desire was cast out; but it is not so, desire just merely becomes restrained until it becomes the shadow of desire.


To further comment on spirit:
Spirit is that thing behind your eyes, consistant with your thoughts. Spirit drives the soul forward. Without spirit, our souls, would be nothing more than a blank canvas.


It’s easy to believe this stuff-- to think this way. It’s attractive because it lets you off the hook.

What do you base your idea on friend?


Everything that can be imagined is an image of truth. Now, do the words I describe make it perfectly complete. No. Words just describe a shadow upon a wall.
In philosophical logic, that which is possible is necessarily true because the mind cannot imagine things that are not possible. Everything in the physical world flowed from imagination. Whether the world miraculously created itself or that some higher form of intelligence is at work, all things flow from the imagination. Take God out of the picture, and lets say that the world created itself. The world imagined a rock. The world imagined a tree. If it did not imagine these things they could not exist.
Now does that mean that pink elephants are possible. Yes. With more information we can deduce the reasoning that makes a pink elephant possible. For instance, as all life shares similar dna. Pigs are pink. Therefore, at some point through mutation a pink elephant will come into existence.
Is a square triangle possible? How about a tent. Some tents share a triangle at its ends and are square broadside. Everything that can be imagined is an image of truth. Words do not necessarily describe the image to perfection but merely place shadows upon the wall; in so that we can conceptualize their existence.


Way to totally avoid the question!

Have you had any philosophical training?


Perhaps under James Joyce? :wink:


You asked the question and I gave you my answer. Just because you don’t understand the answer, don’t you patronize me buddy!
My answer is the basis to my argument.

Yes, I have had extensive philosophical training. For instance, you this to analyze my argument. Think of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. My initial post is the cave and my answer is the sunlight to illuminate the cave. Remember, the cave is the initial post and my answer is the sunlight that will illuminate the cave. No connections?



So does that mean you base your philosophy of life on Jim Morrison and the Doors’ songs?


No, no connections.

You seem to have read a lot of philosophy, but apparently comprehension…not so much. Merely name-dropping the Allegory of the Cave means nothing; I doubt sincerely that you can explain that allegory coherently.


I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to patronise, I thought I was asking a reasonable question to be honest.

I have had a modicum of philosophical training and everything you have posted so far seems like you aspire to philosophy, but would benefit greatly from some structured study.

I would recommend you undertake some. :slight_smile:

Then it is nothing more than some illogical meanderings.

Sentence makes no sense.

No, as Hastrman posted, none. You have taken an old argument and over laid your own strange inference on top. You’ve used it because a cave is dark- to illustrate that your thoughts are somehow illuminating the truth.

Plato was primarily led to the belief that there exists a realm of Forms through his examination of abstract general terms.

You see, that is dissapointing. :rolleyes:

I think I understand why you get so upset. You seem to put a lot of effort into these posts, and you think that they are very clever, and, on a certain level, they are. They demonstrate that you are thinking, asking questions and pushing the boundaries of what you know. Whatever anyone else says that is impressive.

You think you are being very bright, because these thoughts are new to you. Some of us here have thought about these things for a long time because that is what being a Catholic means for many of us-- asking questions about the nature of our being. We add to our questions the benefit of thought that has gone before. Thought that we have tried and tested and found reliable. All this we consider carefully in the light of that information that has been revealed to us.

Anyway, stick with us, develop some humility, and you may even learn something worth knowing! :wink:




believe that there are two wombs that we pass through. One is our mother’s–to become flesh. And second, is the earth to become a living-breathing soul.

Seems that way doesn’t it :eek:


Actually, I base most of my philosophy on William Blake.

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