Soul Calibur Alchemy ok?

A charecter Ivy does alchemy like in Soul Calibur IV her father steals her soul or something so she uses a prototype one. (Yeah the father daughter relationship is bad here but she got adopted before so yay)

What exactly is Alchemy theres 2 types I know but is it ok to play this game. I like this game and main playing Ivy myself…

Also if you go on the wiki it has some leaked images of her just in case you are against leaking and stealing of images (its stealing right?)… eventually they got released though but still.

She is a neutral charecter mostly wants to kill soul edge evil soul sucking sword) but at what ever costs like killing whoever is in her way.

But the game has good charecters like a mother fighting to protect her kids, a former "slave of the evil sword who want to kill it and all. It takes place in like the middle ages or like 1500’s… Idk but around then. :slight_smile:

It’s just a game. :smiley:

isn’t alchemy and magic what they use to call science? :confused:

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