Soul of the Apostolate

I’m reading Soul of the Apostolate by Dom Chautard, and in it he recommends meditating every morning on a scene you visualize and a fruit you wish to gain from your meditation.
To accomplish this he says you should do some spiritual reading before you go to bed, but he specifies that it should be a book of meditations and not just an ordinary spiritual book. Does anyone have any recommendations for good mediatations? I like Imitation of Christ and read a bit of it every night but I don’t think that’s the kind of book he was describing.

Try the Psalms and hymns in The Monastic Diurnal. Even if you do not pray the divine office, The Monastic Diurnal is a beautiful source for meditation and lectio divina.

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The- In converstaion with God - series of books you can read along with the churches 3 yr cycle is great. People often find when doing spiritual reading that God makes things happen the prior day that you read about that day or night. I found this a lot reading this series. I read it in my lunch break usually. Just 5 or 10 mins / day. It was quite entertaining to see God bring the message to life by making things happen just before I read the next part. The reading would explain the things that had just happened. He did this occasionally where this would go on for a week or two. Made life interesting. It’s a great series. Completely orthodox and packed with easy to understand tips on the spiritual life with lots of quotes from the early fathers, popes, saints and the like. Very entertaining and easy to read. Hope this helps.

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