Soul question?


I apologise if this is in the wrong section.

during a conversation about our experiences at several family funerals my friend asked me why “If our soul lives on after our death, do we often hear may their soul rest in piece?.”

I was stumped…any input would be very appreciated.


It simply means ‘may their soul BE at peace’ rather than in torment. By the way ‘peace’ doesn’t mean non-existence, just quiet existence - a country doesn’t cease to exist when it’s in a state of peace rather than war.

Think about it - if we didn’t believe in the continued existence of the soul after death we wouldn’t even mention a dead person as still HAVING a soul, whether it was at peace or not.


I’d always heard it as “may THEY rest in peace.” However, either way, niether rest nor being at peace would mean one is dead, merely freed from the toils of an imperfect world.


What you said is not clear. Could you clarify your comment?


Thank you so much for your answers


could also be understood as : “may their souls rest in Christ”.
Christ is also the peace of our souls. Christ and peace as synonyms.


If I am asleep, I am at rest. Does that mean I am dead?
If I am sitting on the couch and watching TV after working in the yard, I am at rest. Am I dead?
If I am listening to soft music, have no bills to pay, and enjoying a nice sunny day, I am at peace. Have I somehow died?

That is what I mean by saying that niether rest nor at peace connotate death.


Obviously you are now being sarcastic or just playing silly games.

You know very well the expression "rest in peace " has nothing to do with relaxing and listening to music.
When someone you love dies, you would say rest in peace meaning you pray and hope the loved one is now at rest and at peace in Heaven in the arms of our Lord.


I hope you aren’t being serious. Please don’t read vitriole into my posts where it is not there. I assure you, if I’m mocking you, you will know it beyond any reasonable doubt… or are you just stirring for the sake of being contrary?

The point I was making with my last post is the clarification that (in response to the original question) the term rest in peace doesn’t mean DEAD because niether of the constituent terms connotate death. A soul “in heaven in the arms of our Lord” is not dead either, but (as I said originally) made free from the toils of this earth.


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