I have been wondering. Where exactly is one’s soul? And where is one’s spirit? Is the spirit in the heart and the soul in our conscience? Thanks in advance.

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The soul is a non-material entity, which means it is not made of matter and has no substance. Only things made of matter and/or caused by the interaction of matter (i.e. thoughts and emotions) can be said to “be located” anywhere. Also, the physical heart is simply a large muscle that pumps blood, and not the center of any emotional or spiritual part of a person; references to the “heart” in regard to spirit or emotion are always poetic and should be not be taken literally.

That said - and just between you and me - [looks both ways] I don’t think the bloody thing even exists.


Well, I guess this is where you and I definitely disagree. I believe and know that the soul and spirit do exist. I will be praying for YOUR soul. No further comments as you and I will get nowhere.


Meaning no disrespect, but I was offering what I thought was an explanation that would generally agree with Catholic teaching regarding the soul. The fact that I lack belief in its existence shouldn’t matter a whit if the explanations offered were in line (as much as any other layman’s on this forum) with Catholic thought.

I don’t believe in Hobbits, either, but I can certainly describe them to you in great and accurate detail; and not only that, but in describing them, I wouldn’t even attempt to dissuade you of their existence, if you happened to believe in them.

So ease up a bit Cagrl. Chances are I’m not quite the bad influence you may think I am.


Can you watch your language when you’re on these forums please?


You are joking. Right?


Probably not :shrug:


Adults are far more sensitive about language than kids. It’s the prudes and the oversensitive jerks that ruins things for the rest of the world. Screw them.


Nobody knows where the soul resides. There has been a lot of conjecture throughout the ages on this so you are not alone in wondering.

Foremost, the question isn’t going to be resolved easily, since the soul is a spiritual thing and doesn’t have a physical form.

Confusion exists in the very terminology you use. Is the soul our spirit? Is that the same or two different things? Is there a “life-force” that has no physical characteristics attached to our bodies? We understand that animals do not have immortal souls but when they die, this “spirit” leaves them, and this is how we know they are dead. But is this a soul? So the question remains, for the human who has an immortal soul - is this separate from the spirit?

However there is a link to our physical being and our consciousness. How this link occurs nobody knows.

All we know is that when we die, the soul separates from the body awaiting reunification with the body at the Last Judgment. That this rupture occurs presents the logical conclusion that there is a relationship between the spiritual and the physical. But what that link is, is anybody’s guess.

This appears to be an unanswerable question - we may find out after we get to heaven just how this works. So until then, I’m ignoring the conjecture. If there is no way to ascertain the answer, I’m leaving it alone.


Perhaps as your soul animates your body, your soul is a spiritual force with personality.
Your body is contained in your soul.


I recommend the book Theology For Beginners by F.J. Sheed. It has a good chapter on the Soul.


The soul and body are two separate things with separate natures. The soul is spiritual. The body is physical.


I’d bet that this question has been asked by man since the beginning of time. I too also wonder if the soul and the spirit are one and the same. I’d say they probably are interchangeable words.

There’s only one explanation that I can think of in answer to this question. God said “Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard, that which God has prepared for those that love him.”

So the bottom line is that not one person on this entire earth, from the beginning of time, and most likely till the end of time, can even fathom what ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ is or means. Beyond human capability.

In fact, I’d go so far to say that we don’t even have the words to try and imagine what it is since we are in the flesh and spirit is something we know nothing of, not even to try and describe. There just is no way. I sure wish we could have this discussion, it’s so interesting, but also equally impossible.

God bless


I’ve been thinking, my arm does not move itself, I, my person, must use my will first to move my arm. My arm therefore lives in my person as my will also lives in my person. My person, my personality, is my soul, it moves my body, my body is contained in my soul. I will my finger to press the submit key.


Only in physical death. In life they are a composite which define human nature. They may be separable but they are not separate natures. The great philosophers call the soul the form of the body.

The soul is spiritual. The body is physical.

And yet they are united to create the human nature.


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