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Unless you have a special session with children at a camp or Sunday School, you are unlikely to need to explain the mass to them in full. And I don’t recommend it as it takes up too much attention span.

What I would suggest is that you use the little factoids below to explain snippets to the children when the need or the question arises. Most of them are in the form of little stories, 2-minutes soundbites if you wish to call them that. As with so many other facets of talking to children, being properly equipped is the path to having the confidence in facing children’s questions.

Is it possible to memorise all these below, I have often been asked. Well, you need to love the liturgy. It has been handed to us for over two thousand years, stretching back through the times of Jesus to its Jewish origins. With that it has gathered its richness and also some quaintness along the way. The Church has been rather masterful in interpreting some rather mundane everyday practices in very spiritual light.

When you next attend mass, stop at the various points and see the story and the history behind the actions taking place. I assure you that you will find your experience all the more richer when you realised how they link back to actions of so many others who have gone before us in faith, to take the same sustenance at mass albeit sometimes in very different ways.

While many of these can be gathered from books on liturgy, most of which I find very unfortunately dry. Definitely not for kids. Laying them out the way I did, I hope to convey on at least a little bit of that wonder and interest in the mass. So read on and tell me if it helps & whether you need more.

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Very good!


Thanks Paul, hope you find the other posts helpful as well. I intend to build up enough to be able to release a full resource to children’s Liturgy of the Word facilitators in a website and a book.

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