Source for blessed candles?


Does anyone know of a source for blessed candles? I’m also interested in sources for other blessed sacramentals, but particularly for blessed candles. Thanks in advance and God bless.


lol, you’re not stocking up for those “three days of darkness”, are you? :wink: I’d say take candles to your priest and ask him to bless them. :thumbsup:


A.I. Root is a good source:


You can get really great quality 100% beeswax candles here for a very reasonable price, only like $8.00 a pound:


That is a good price!




No–just love to have blessed items around my home for storms, outages, etc.

I would say, however, that regarding whether or not any predictions made are true, (I’m not overly familiar with them, but have heard a few), most people would agree we live in very ‘dark’ troubling times, and if those who are unGodly and antiChristian get elected, we could easily see much hostility leading to persecution. I’ll keep praying that doesn’t happen, but in any case, it’s a comfort to know we’re in God’s Hands!
Thanks so much for the replies and God bless!


Cukierski Family Sacramentals

I got my blessed beeswax candles from them although it doesn’t look like they have any at the moment. I’m sure you could contact them to inquire when or if they will have them again. They also have a range of medals and other sacramentals.


Thanks, Linda, I’ll check into that, also. God bless!


Remember that buying or selling blessed items could actually be simony, which is sinful and results in no blessing being attached to the items.

You want to be very careful that a) the ‘blessed’ candles aren’t sold at higher prices than ordinary beeswax candles (in other words that it’s the physical object you’re paying for and not the blessing), and b) at the very least that they aren’t blessed BEFORE being sold (though how you’d know I’m not at all sure).

Simpler is just to buy plain beeswax candles and get your priest to bless them, that way you can be sure.


Best place online to get any sacramentals, including blessed candles. They are a small family apostolate, so their supply varies, but quality is always good. I know them, they are very holy people trying only to serve God. Check out their other sacramentals, they have wonderful things to offer! :thumbsup:


But some of us live in places where the only priest “doesn’t do things like that” :rolleyes:, or we are very far from a Church. Yes, right here in the ol’ US of A. So it’s great to have a place where we can get holy objects if we want to use them as devotionals.
The apostolate mentioned above, , does have things blessed AFTER purchase. Their prices often don’t even cover their expenses, so they are definitely NOT in it to make money. I know them, they are good, holy people trying to serve God. They have 12 kids, homeschool, and live their faith. That’s why I recommend them to everyone as a source for sacramentals. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies!
I have some health issues, and don’t get around often which is why I’m hoping to find items already blessed.
I appreciate the help–bless you all.


I agree, I love this apostolate (btw, they’re expecting blessing #13 now :D)


SallyMargie, shalom! If you click here, you’ll find a PDF file, ready for you to print out and assemble, that contains the ceremonies for exorcism blessings of candles, water, salt, and olive oil. Once blessed, these items can be used for blessing and protecting your home and family.

(Thanks to DawnInTexas for finding this!)



Note that these blessings are ONLY to be used by a priest - which was the problem the OP had in the first place, not being able to get around!


Thanks again to all and God bless!




Be very careful saying blessings/exorcisms yourself. While laypeople can give blessings they aren’t the same as a blessing by a priest. You can’t say the same words and have the same effect. Also remember that all exorcisms and many blessings involve going up against the devil, one on one. Would you fight crime/fires/disease on your own without calling in police, firefighters or doctors? Same goes for the supernatural.


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