Source for blessed rosaries?

Does anyone know of a source for blessed rosaries? I have severe Fibromyalgia and don’t get around a lot, so I often order by mail. It’s difficult to get out of the house at times, so am hoping to find rosaries which have already been blessed. Thanks for any info and God bless.

If it’s difficult for you to get out of the house, then how about inviting your priest over? Perhaps he can bring you communion, give you anointing of the sick or something - and bless your Rosary at the same time.

Or else have a friend take your Rosary to church and get it blessed.

Thing is, it’s not really kosher to sell blessed items, and IIRC a blessed item that is sold actually loses its blessing.

A blessing cannot be sold. You can purchase a rosary online (, are a couple of sources) and as the prior poster suggested, ask Father to come bless it for you. If he cannot do that, call the Parish office ask if you can mail it to Fater, have him bless it, and mail it back to you.

You could contact a group like They will send you a free rosary. If you were to call them and explain your situation, they may have a priest available to bless the rosary for you.

You could try eBay as well. I purchased a rosary from someone on eBay that once the transaction had gone through took it to a local order of Franciscans, where they had it blessed; so they didn’t “sell” the blessing to me, just the rosary.

Also, sells beautiful rosaries and when you buy one, you can request that they take it to the Holy Father’s general audience for it to be blessed. Depending on whether or not the Pope is at the Vatican that week may decide when you get it but I have bought a few from there and they have great service and fast shipping once the item has been blessed.

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M’am, I think Lily has the right idea. Don’t be shy, just call your local parish and explain your situation.

Thank you all so much for your replies. These are all wonderful ideas!God bless you all.

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