Source of the "Psalm-prayers" in Christian prayer

I’m fairly new to the Liturgy of the hours, so this may be really obvious, but I have yet to find in Liturgia horarum (editio typica) the “Psalm-prayers” present in the one-volume ICEL translation Christian prayer: the Liturgy of the hours (New York, NY: Catholic Book Publishing Corp., 1976). Can anyone provide me with the source of those? (The editio typica I’m looking at was printed in 1974, though I doubt that that would make much difference in the present case.)

These are an ICEL innovation.

Thanks! Do you know that simply because they are absent from the editio typica, or is there a learned commentary on the editio typica and its instantiation into the vernacular analogous to Hatchett’s Commentary on the American prayer book for the 1979 Book of common prayer, or Shepherd’s Oxford American prayer book commentary for the 1928 Book of common prayer? (I’m on my way out of Anglicanism, so those are the examples that come to mind.) Alternatively, is this simply common knowledge (because it was at one point controversial, say)? (I haven’t looked for the body of literature that must have followed the appearance of the ICEL “translation”.)

I only know it from “experience” as it’s often a topic when priests gather. There are some who do the psalm-prayers and some who insist on not doing them. It’s just typical “shop talk.” Most priests don’t necessarily have an opinion one way or the other, but those who don’t want them added tend to be more likely to express their opinion (or even have an opinion) when it comes up in conversation. Also, priests from non-English countries often ask why things are different in the US, and sometimes that prompts some conversation.

I don’t know of any commentary on the modern Breviary, but there are likely a few out there.

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