Source of traditional wedding ceremony guides?

My fiance and I are planning a spring wedding that will use the traditional latin nuptial mass and ceremony. Does anyone know of a source for latin-english wedding ceremony and nuptial mass guides? We would like to provide the guests with something they can use to follow the ceremony and mass in english.

Thanks for any help.

I believe in the old rite (Missal of 1962) the marriage rite is performed before the Mass, and then the Mass proceeds as usual. So, any Latin-English Missal should be fine.

Congrats and God Bless

I think youre basically right, although I attended a traditional latin wedding mass once and I recall that there were a couple of places in the mass where parts of the wedding ceremony were inserted. The guests were provided with booklets that had the whole mass and ceremony together, and I was hoping to find something similar.

The Latin-English Nuptial Mass booklets are available from Angelus Press – – as well another source, but I can’t remember who that is off the top of my head.

While getting ready for marriage, you might consider having a listen to the sermon series on Marriage that is currently going at over at (I think part 4 happens this Sunday… check back later to find out). The sermons so far:

Marriage: Rules on Marriage (Part 1)
The Meaning of the Ceremonies of the Traditional Wedding Mass (Part 2)
The Marriage Contract (Part 3)

Almost as usual. The “part 2” sermon I linked above covers some of the differences, such as the couple, who is married before the Mass, hears Mass in the Sanctuary – the only time a non-cleric gets to hear Mass in the Sanctuary – and this is symbolic of the spiritual re-creation that takes place in the souls of the couple that just got married, and their being in the sanctuary is liturgically symbolic of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (and like Adam and Eve, they’ve just received the blessing and command to “be fruitful and multiply”).

The other difference is that typically the sermon comes first, even before the wedding.

if you read carfuly they do have Nuptial Mass Booklets here:

If you have seen the red one of these booklets… they have them for the Nuptial Mass and its a White booklet instead

This is what you need:

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