Source: Trump still not grasping the severity of the pandemic

He seems to be doing better, he was nearing retirement age which was the sad thing. In theory he is actually past it for his job but stayed on for a bit longer with the current situation. The ironic thing is his wife Oxana is a chain smoker but seems immune to even normal colds or flus.

Testing seems to be the trouble…Trump, time and time again tells us that if we wouldn’t test so much there wouldn’t be so many cases…I guess if we wouldn’t give so many breathelizer tests there wouldn’t be so many DUIs, and if we wouldn’t give so many pregnancy tests there would be fewer babies born?

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That is a tentative conclusion, but I don’t think it’s considered definitive. There does seem to be a correlation between intertussive angiogenesis and Covid death. I don’t think the causes of the angiogenesis are well known, and the observed changes may simply be an effect.

But that’s in the lungs. I am not sure we can be quick to think a man died of Covid just because he had a heart attack of years’ duration and happened to have a positive Covid test.

And if we do fewer testing for Cancer, there would not be as many Cancer deaths!!!

What a Novel idea!


That is why we leave it up to the medical professionals who understand these effects better than we do.

Dunno. As of this moment, five of the first six stories in the World News category certainly don’t seem favorable to Mr. Trump…or am I missing something?


And so what does membership in WHO add to that?

Discontinuing with WHO might have the beneficial effect of the organization purging itself of its seeming allegiance to China. Might not. If not, then our departure should be permanent and the U.S. should seek to set up some other international cooperative group, if that’s desirable at all, that is not a sock puppet of China.

We don’t know yet, do we? Before adding this to your “why I hate Trump and you should too” repertoire, you ought to see how it turns out.

Specifically how? Maybe it will result in reform of WHO, though I doubt it.

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Then what possessed you to assert something that isn’t at all supported by any evidence:

Let’s follow the evidence.

I don’t hate Trump, but I do hate many of his policies. Don’t confuse the two.

Good luck with creating a politics-free organization of this type.

Is that the guy’s name who did the interview? He needs to go back to school.
His interview was a joke.

Don’t worry about it. There are plenty of videos of Trump encouraging hate.

And some would argue, still don’t! And therein lies the rub. The left media would have you believe that everyone has had this virus figured out, and for quite some time now, everyone but Trump. I hate being this cynical. But I trust the media about as far as I trust Kim Jong-un…maybe just a little less.

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That is a silly comparison. For one, cancer is not contagious. Second, covid-19 cases can asymptomatic, mild to medium symptoms. Positive cancer diagnosis
always has to be treated and cannot be ignored. I would say more people die from cancer than covid-19.

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This left media was not elected to lead the #1 superpower of the world. Trump was. And it’s not like he doesn’t get any free airtime.

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I agree. They are expecting President Trump to be some kind of miracle worker.
No other country has the virus figured out, but somehow the president is being
singled out and castigated because people are dying during a pandemic of a highly contagious virus and it is all his fault! Never mind they are dying all around the world.


Completely and fully disagree. His interview was broad and challenging.
It’s what a good journalist does.

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The US leads all other countries in covid 19 deaths. Quite a feat given that the US has only 4% of the world’s population.

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For what it’s worth, I don’t think that some of these stories are anti-Trump. Whether one is in support of the president or against the president, it is true that Facebook removed a post of him making the claim that children are “virtually immune” to COVID-19.

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No, he was following the democrat talking points. He also was very juvenile with
his exaggerated expressions. He put on quite a performance. I applaud President Trump for even agreeing to do the interview.

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No. But this left media despises the very fact that he was ever even elected president in the first place. Have you forgotten about the long, sorrowful looking faces of “journalists” on every liberal news outlet in America, deep into the wee hours of the morning during election night 2016? It was as if they were at a wake in deep, deep mourning. It was a sight that I won’t soon forget. (Please Google the videos to refresh your memory.) And they’ve been attacking him tooth and nail relentlessly ever since. They don’t just disagree with him. They hate him!

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