Sources for English/Latin Missalettes?

Could any of you please provide some links to sellers of 1962 English/Latin Missalettes, both Sunday only and every day of the week?

Which is the preferred 1962 English/Latin Missaletes these days? Thank you very much.

If you want a Missal (i.e. a book that has the readings for Sunday or any other day, along with the ordinary of the Mass, the secrets, the post communion prayer, and often times some other prayers) then I recommend Baronius Press Missal - you can check it out at their website. If, however, you are actually looking for a Missalette (i.e. a book with the ordinary of the Mass, but not the readings) I’d suggest the one provided by the Coalition in support of Ecclesia Dei - you can buy them from Aquinas & More, just click here.


I got mine on ebay for $10.00.

This website has a nice missal comparison


A great reference. Thank you.

If you are talking about a “Mass only” missal, I love my Fr. Lasance My Prayer Book. The one I have now is a reprint of the one that I had back in the 1950s that just wore out–as far as I can tell it’s exactly the same though. :thumbsup:

It has a lot of stuff in it besides the Mass–tons of prayers and also “good thoughts” that are like mini-homilies. I can’t remember now where I got mine from, but if you are interested I can do a search through my e-mails and see where it was…

I don’t think that there is a missalette with readings in it for the Mass of Blessed John XXIII available, just expensive, but beautiful daily missals. If you are looking for an inexpensive, Mass only publication for the 1962 Mass, you should look at the Latin-English Sunday Missal published by Roman Catholic Books at It has the ordinary for Sunday Mass as well as the Nuptial and Requiem Masses and the Sacrament of Baptism. It is a paperback of about 180 pages, printed on nice paper with beautiful color illustrations. I ordered three of these little missals to have on hand when I invite people to come with me to Mass. (I can print out the prayers for the day from the computer, and I have ordered a gorgeous new missal for myself so that I don’t damage my childhood missal!) This little missal only costs $8.95, and when I actually saw it I realized what a bargain it is. Take a look at this missal because it might be just what you are looking for.

Here’s a link to the site mentioned in Marysann’s post: Books For Catholics

I wonder if the various hymnal publishers will take up the task of printing 1962 Missalettes with the cycle of readings. I know some ascribe a somewhat sinister nature to the big hymnal publishers, like OCP and GIA, because they publish so much schlocky music and thus promote bad liturgy - but I also think that if there was a demand for such a thing that they would probably publish a cheapo paperback of the 1962 missal for pew use (perhaps with a hymnal in back with Latin propers and hymns, maybe some new musical settings too).

I’m very curious about something I just saw online the other day, the S. Bede Studio Blog mentions that it is helping to put together a new 1962 missal with a new translation. I wonder what that will be like and if it will be affordable. Right now I’m torn between the Angelus Press and Baronus Press missals, so now I want to wait until this new missal comes out to see what it’s like.

Our Lady of the Rosary Library sells a missal for only thirty-five dollars.:thumbsup:

Rabbititus, thank you for publishing the link to Roman Catholic Books. I don’t know how to do that! I had another thought about this subject. I remember when missalettes were first published after Vactican II, they were supposed to be a temporary measure, something to be used until the liturgy settled down. Then, it was assumed, we would all by new missals to replace the ones we had used before the Mass changes. No one ever imagined that the publishing of disposable missalettes would become the big business that it has. We were all use to beautiful missals that cost a bit, but that lasted for years. (They made great gifts for special occations such as Confirmation or graduation!) With the TLM we should be able to go back to this because the ordinary and the propers of the Mass are set. I find it hard to imagine that the missalette people will allow themselves to be put out of business, so I wonder how this is going to play out. In the long run, it is cheaper to buy a $50.00 missal which can be used until it wears out, than to purchase a subscription to a missalette for 20 or 30 years. If parishes purchased good hymnals, and people owned their own missals like they used to, the missalette publishers would have to find another line of work, but our churches wouldn’t be cluttered with junky looking paper “worship aids,” and it would be more ecologically sensitive! In the case of the Novus Ordo, we still do not have the definitive translation of the Mass, so I have not bought a new missal for that Mass. I am still waiting for the new translations. Our church doesn’t use missalettes, but I guess there will still be a need for them for the Novus Ordo until we have the new translations of the Mass.

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