Sources Other Than the Bible?

This is mainly for non-Catholics since I know all the various sources Catholics use besides the Bible for better understanding their faith (Tradition, Catechism, etc.).
Do Protestants use sources outside of the Bible to “aide” scriptural writings or is it just the Bible? If you do, what do you use?

I think a lot of evangelicals will look to bible commentaries for insights when doing a study on a particular book of the bible. There are many different commentaries out there.

…now waiting for the inevitable exclamation about how this can be possible if Protestants believe in sola scriptura…:rolleyes:

Usually whatever Protestant tradition you come from means you take the writings of the founder and use them to interpret the Bible. For example Calvinists would use Calvin’s Institutes, Lutherans would look to luthers writings and/or the Book of Concord, Methodists look to Wesley, etc.

I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into a sola scriptura debate. :frowning: But I guess “yes/no” answers around here are next to impossible. :o

True. :slight_smile:


Well I go to my minister, my mentor, sometimes Elders or Deacons. I go to people whom I know are more mature Christians then I.

I also use a study bible. NIV study bible or NASB study bible.

My friend gave me the Believer’s Bible commentary. I use that quite a bit :thumbsup:

What’s the Believer’s Bible? I don’t think I’ve heard of that one before. :slight_smile:

It is a big fat book that gives a commentary about every verse in the whole bible.It helps the average Joe better understand some difficult scripture-the same the catechism does.:thumbsup:

Hmm . . . interesting. I might have to look into that. :smiley: I also need a daily Bible that gives different scripture verses for each day of the year. :slight_smile:

You can go to a bookstore and they should have what you are looking for. I think there is a bible called daily devotional bible. Im not sure. It should say on the front what it has.:thumbsup:

The only Problem with this kind of bible for a Catholic is that it is not going to give the Catholic explanation of scripture. While for much of scripture this is not a problem, there are key areas which will ony promote confusion rather than understanding for a Catholic Christian.

If you want explanations of specific scripture, you are better off reading an explanation of certain subjects in the catechism and looking up the scripture which it is explaining:) .

I don’t have a problem with Protestant study bibles. I’ve got several of them. One I got a few months ago comes from Zondervan, is based on the NIV, and is called the Archaeological Study Bible. The notes are done by scholars at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The only thing I don’t like about it is the typeface is too small for an old timer like me, and the page colors make the small print even harder to read. The content, though, is mostly outstanding, and mostly non-doctrinal.

How can this be possible if Protestants believe in sola scripture?

I ponder that myself as a Catholic…

When I was a Protestant, I used Strong’s Concordance, Who’s Who in the Bible (Reader’s Digest), Jesus and His Times (Reader’s Digest), The Times Atlas of the Bible, The Revised Common Lectionary, The Whole People of God (Sunday School curriculum), The Theology of the Sacraments by D. M. Baillie, and Harper’s Bible Dictionary.

I was not a “sola scriptura” Protestant, though, by any means. I believed in the four Weslyan pillars - Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason - all of which eventually led me to the Catholic Church. :slight_smile:

My library has expanded considerably, since then. :thumbsup:

Prayer… and the Bible … these suffice … and a life given to striving joyfullu to perfecting living as Jesus teaches, especially Matthew 25…

I’ve got this edition of the NIV. I don’t think it’s worth getting mostly because it the NIV text and that one is flawed. The articles about history are good and would have made a good archelogical text book, but not a study bible so slanted in the protestant views.

It’s more worth owning a Catholic study bible and Catholic book on biblical archeology to go with it.

And there it is RR;) The comment you’ve been waiting for.:wink:

You knew it had to be coming…

Recently my Hubby bought me “Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible”.

Here is a link to Amazon it tells you what the bible has in it.

I’ve enjoyed it thus far.
(I’ve only have had it for about a month)

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