South Africa’s Appeals Court Overturns Ruling Allowing ‘Assisted Dying’


Thank God the Court did not smuggle in euthanasia into our country’s law via the back door.


Wow, what great news!


Why would they? Euthanasia is already the accepted standard in elder-end-of-life ‘care’. Ask anyone caring for an elder parent or relative. I have an aunt whose children have been battling with doctors about her care. Docs want to stop food and water when she is clearly responsive. She became mute due to an old head injury suffered in a car accident. After she had a stroke docs wanted to ‘ease’ her suffering by letting her starve. She still responds.

The family have a 24hr nurse taking care of her, in her home NOT a hospital.


May God bless the family members who are caring for your aunt. Does she live in South Africa? The pressure to devalue human life does seem to be spreading and it is a blessing to all to see the counter-cultural examples set by your family and by this court ruling in upholding the dignity of human life.


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