South Africa seizing white owned farms


If this isn’t blatant discrimination…racism…and murder


Sure. But it was also inevitable. I have not know a lot of white South Africans, but I have known a few, and every one of them felt all whites would eventually have to leave S.A. Of course they were a committed group since every one of them had left S.A. believing it would eventually have to happen anyway.


South africa had a history of taking people’s the land of those classified as black to give to those classified as white. Since the land was confiscated along lines of racial classification I don’t think there is any restorative justice that would not cross over those same lines.

Looking at the story I don’t see anything about murder though. Did I miss something? I do think the effected people should get a chance to argue a case in court though.


The next Rhodesia. But this is where it was always heading. I wonder if you’ll start seeing mercenaries in South Africa?


Good thing is that Russia is providing sanctuary for white South African farmers. Up to 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land. The farmers are prepared to make a contribution to Russia’s booming agricultural sector.


The US should halt all other immigration for a decade and only accept any Boers of good character who now face racial persecution.


Interesting. One is reminded of Catherine the Great’s importation of Germans who became the “Volgadeutsch”. Maybe the Boers are a similar people. Catherine said something like “…a German is like a willow stick. Stick it in the ground anywhere and it will flourish…”


I think quite a few have migrated to Australia…that appears to be their country of choice…maybe one of our Australian posters here on CAF can give us an update


The wheels of justice turn slowly, but I’m glad they’re finally turning.


Sounds like an argument over “eminent domain” law. Not popular here, not popular there. I just wonder what is the motivation behind the government land grab?


Probably the same as in Zimbabwe. Rewarding supporters. Greed.


Did you watch the video…it said 1-2 farmers were murdered every week


Retribution over multiple generations isn’t justice, it’s revenge.


I suspect if Eminent Domain was announced as only being enforced against white folks in the US, it would be even less popular.


Agreed, this would be akin to Catholics in the north of Ireland suddenly busting in on some Protestant farmers and saying ‘Out on the road boys, this was our farm 300 years ago’. It wouldn’t help matters and would just create another round of injustice. For the most part the Republic of Ireland deliberately avoided such stupidity post independence, the nearest it got to that was buying up estates from landlords, but many of them were pretty much bankrupt anyway and happy to sell.


I’ve been to S.Africa with an old girlfriend years ago. I knew her in London where she was a very demure shy lady. Most of the time back home she was still like that but when she got in a car the first thing she did was check whether there was a handgun in her glove compartment and a shotgun available for her to use if need be within easy reach when she drove through rough areas as she was a trainee lawyer and had to drive through some really rough spots.


…the ANC is a racist, corrupt political party and government, running their country into the ground, and they see this as a way to appease their base and take eyes off their incompetence. Because sticking it to the white man is always popular among black africans.


Racist oppressors generally aren’t too popular with the victims of that oppression.


They’ll blend in better vocally. Australian, Kiwi and South African accents sound the same to me and others. I know that might offend some. Sorry.

But at least I can separate those accents from those from England so I minimized my offending unlike some.

And I said England so I avoided offending those in Scotland, Wales and maybe Northern Ireland. Never say British accent to those from the UK! It doesn’t turn out well.


It’s like our friends north of the border…they can get offended if asked if they are Americans…aye

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