South Africans Take Out Rage on Immigrants

The 1000+% inflation rate and devastation in Zimbabwe and the chaos in South Africa now really demonstrates hoiw impressed we should be with native rule and how hateful white people naturally are. You betcha! … ?th&emc=th


As opposed say to the situation in the Balkans prior to US intervention?

But that’s not the same thing, um? May you find some peace and learn acceptance of your fellow man regardless of what he looks like.

Discrimination is wrong whether it is white against black, black against white, black against black, white against white,anti-Asian/Catholic/Protestant/Muslim/Budhist/whatever, it is just wrong.

May you learn the same thing. Why not address the issues rather than insituate something about me?


You are arguing an old dead argument. Look at the issues today.


I think you and I agree that the issues today are very complex and many of the battles we see have their roots in centuries of hatrid. That does not make them any more right and we should speak out against them.

We don’t see Muslims attacking Jews in the US because they know that they will be punished if they are caught doing it, in their countries they do it because they will be looked upon as a hero. The problems in South Africa and Zimbabwe are the results of corrupt governments telling the people that ‘others’ are the root of their problems rather than making them responsibe for the destiny and actions. We saw the same thing in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s.

That is true. What is troubling me is the fact that in nearly every former colony blood thirsty battles continue to go on. When the whites were there most of the problems were blamed upon the whites. Now that they are gone we see that the level of violence and chaos seems to have increased in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I’ve mellowed alot in my opinion about colonialism and other areas of world history.


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