South Bend abortion clinic to officially close next week


St. Joseph County’s only abortion clinic will officially close on March 18th, according to a release from Pro-Choice South Bend.

The Women’s Pavilion in South Bend stopped offering abortion care last November.


Indiana Right To Life filed 1200 complaints against an abortionist who worked at the clinic:


Progress. We will continue to pray for an end to abortion.



Woohoo!!! :extrahappy::clapping:

I have a grandma and an aunt who live in South Bend, I bet they’re ecstatic with this news.


Praise The Lord.


Deo gratias. :signofcross:


this is wonderful news!


The South Bend clinic was run by the same abortionist who ran the Fort Wayne clinic, which also has a history of health code violations. There have been no surgical abortions in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend for over a year now while the abortionist and his clinics have faced multiple hearings.:slight_smile:

Women determined to end the brief lives of their babies can still travel short distances or use chemical alternatives, so the battle is not over.


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