South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to endorse Marco Rubio


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will endorse Sen. Marco Rubio for president, a source familiar with Haley’s plans confirmed.

The endorsement is a major coup for Rubio, as Haley is one of the highest-profile Republican governors in the country and is often mentioned on short lists of potential vice presidential picks.


Do you think this will help propel Rubio to win the SC primary over Trump? It might be of some benefit if it propels him higher than 3rd and the race then comes down for instance to Trump or Rubio after SC.


might help him come in ahead of Cruz anyway.


I am surprised she endorsed someone. I figured she would sit this one out, and see if she would be chosen for a VP role. Has Donald Trump called her a loser yet?


I haven’t seen any endorsements yet that seem to have any significant impact.


She’s supporting the establishment (who have blessed Marco/Jeb).

I think she would still be a possibility as VP for Trump. many VP choices have run heated battles directly against the eventual Presidential nominee. She’s still a good pick, capable, a woman, and supported by the establishment. She may still make our first woman President.


Krauthammer had a interesting take:

“The majority of GOP voters are anti-Trump, but their vote is split, maybe even to the point of Trump winning the nomination.”

I think if either Rubio or Cruz drops out, Trump will find himself in a tough battle.

I suppose the endorsement may help Rubio more than hurt him, but GOP voters have been let down so much that it may not matter much to them.


I’m not sure why she’d be VP. This is always won or lost in the electoral college. In that regard, Ayotte might be a better pick.


Just a matter of time.


I think he has hit on something.


I understand the GOP nominee gets to choose their VP candidate (obviously with consultation with the Party), thus Nikki is not a non-possibility.

I don’t know Nikki or Kelly well enough to guess if they would make a good running mate but my guess is Trump will pick someone favorable to the establishment


It may help him if he can finish better than he has to this point and others drop out. Yet again her endorsement didn’t help in SC the last time.


Dunno, my friend :slight_smile:

  1. Polls have Trump beating Cruz and Rubio combined
  2. You are assuming that Trump isn’t ever candidate’s supporters’ second choice :wink:


? Polls I’ve seen show Rubio beating Trump one-on-one. This is from NBC/WSJ poll:

Poll shows that head-to-head, @marcorubio beats @realDonaldTrump by 16 points. #SpecialReport


Her handling do the flag issue and her response to the State of the Union demonstrated her position firmly within the establishment.


I am weary of hearing about this mythical establishment garbage. They are all fighting to win the largest establishment position in the nation, and Trump claims he is not an establishment person–which is simply not true. He’s played the game with his money given to politicians for years–he is, after all, part of the so-called 1% – the fight against the establishment is utter nonsense. What exactly do you think the next President will be, a king or queen? A dictator? No, that person will be in the core of this nation’s political world and they will have to work with both parties to get things done.

It is amusing to see these cycles and how a new catch phrase takes hold. In the last cycle Obama was the candidate of Hope and Change–this cycle is the cycle of the “anti-establishment” candidate–its all so much junk because these are still American citizens trying to be President so they can make their agenda the establishment agenda!

If Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich, becomes President–they become the establishment on the day they enter office. So, if the mythical and horrible establishment is soooo terrible, then why are they all fighting to become the center of the establishment?


According to a recent Bloomberg poll, Rubio is wins the second choice option for South Carolinians at 24%. Cruz is in second place with 16%, and Trump is tied for fourth with Bush at 10%.


Trump Dominates in Bloomberg Poll Before South Carolina Primary
By John McCormick


The 30-35% who support Trump are true believers–they will not leave the person they follow so completely. That means if Rubio gains any traction from her support, it will have to come from the other candidates. I don’t think he will gain much–this thing is a cage match now and people have drawn hard lines.


But were those 2 things received well in SC? If so, the endorsement could help.

Originally I was thinking a finish of Trump, Cruz, Jeb, Rubio, Carson, Kasich. But then after hearing the audience response at the debate, Rubio seemed to have a good bit of support, Trump received a mix of boos and cheers, and after seeing polling this wk, I started thinking Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Jeb. Now I’m wondering if the endorsement could make it Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Jeb?

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