SOUTH KOREA - In Seoul, a Christmas tree is decorated with recycled garbage items [AN]

The archdiocese in the South Korean capital decides to put up a Christmas tree decorated with recycled items. Lights are powered by a bicycle. This way, people can reflect on the environment and the meaning of Christmas.


Wow…incredible…placing creation before the Creator. Well, it’s no worse than what the White House had on their tree in the past.

I think it’s a wonderful idea.

I’m recycled!:smiley:

I think that the church has been pretty clear on this issue. Being good stewarts of his creation it makes scence that as Christ saved us, gave us new life (recycled) we should also find new and improved ways to not pollute that which God granted us as long as in so doing we do not become slaves to this madness we are now seeing. We are Gods creation not a pollutant.

It’s one thing to do that without saying it. It’s quite another to make an eco-tree for everyone to look to in order to worship the earth with first, and only secondarily as a reminder of Christmas.

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