South Park is awesome

I think many people take South Park a bit too seriously. While it is extremely offensive to a lot of people, I think it’s a good thing to have on T.V. because it reinforces our freedom of speech. The show pokes fun at groups of people, celebrities, religions, countries, and our government. Obviously if you’re offended by it, simply don’t watch it. I’d like to see what you guys think about this show.

After viewing a couple of episodes I came to the conclusion that it is a juvenile waste of time. Since my sense of humor has evolved beyond the scatological, I don’t waste my time with such shows.

Can’t understand the dialogue so I never watched it. Being from Colorado, I can say that the actual South Park is lovely.

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I think it’s kind of lame when shows play the equal-opportunity-offender/free-speech card as though it gives them carte blanche to do anything they please while remaining above criticism.

I saw one episode of South Park probably 15 years ago. That was enough for me. I liked The Simpsons (at least for the first 8 seasons), but South Park just didn’t appeal to me in the slightest.

If I had to choose between watching South Park or Family Guy, though, I would unhesitatingly choose South Park. :stuck_out_tongue:

As charity is the first aim that Catholics and Christians should exemplify, no we do not like or welcome a show that pokes fun at anyone and offends people, without respect for others’ beliefs or reputations.

That is what you will see if you only look at the surface. South Park sometimes has very intelligent social commentary.

Indeed, especially the last 5 seasons or so. It focuses on current events a high % of the time.

I absolutely love South Park. It’s art. It’s funny. It’s great. Of course they are profane. That’s the schtick.

I’m sure that is true, but I have to wonder at the need to couch such witty satire in low-brow humor. :shrug:

To each his own. In my opinion the surface of it is filth, and I have no desire to dive through the filth in search of the occasional bit of intelligence. I have no desire to revisit the show, but if you enjoy it and find it stimulating then enjoy.

The creators of south park are excellent satirists. That is what I like about it. What s relief to see that level of biting satire towards our hypocritical PC society. It bothers me a bit when people can’t grasp this and think it’s only about being crude. That said, it is indeed quite gross and that part turns me off. It also gets things wrong in its satire, but when it’s right it’s awesome.

Firstly it is an awful program.

Secondly it annoys me when people say “if you don’t like it don’t watch it”, how about the constant adverts over and over and over?

Foul-mouthed children and thinly-veiled bigotry are not awesome. It’s only funny if you are disrespectful to your brothers and sisters. The serious issues addressed in the show need to be discussed seriously, not mockingly.

It definitely increases the viewership. I know many people who only see the crude humor and the statire is completely lost on them. It may introduce ideas to them without realizing it, but I’m not sure.

I would make the argument that in this format the social issues presented find an audience that would otherwise pay them no attention.

I like South Park. :smiley:

In that case, it would be interested to study how many ignoramuses were moved to political and social action after watching that show.

I’m in the 18-34 year old demographic, and I’ve overwhelmingly come across two types of people among my friends and family who watch South Park: 1) politically malcontented cynics and 2) social delinquents. I can’t say that any of them have been moved to action by the show. For the most part, they use it in part as an excuse to maintain their own bigotry and selfishness.

I have not seen this anywhere in the usa .when is it on? therefore i cannot comment on this right now its mostly christmas specials:christmastree1::amen::ehh:

I also like South Park, BTW I also read Harry Potter books, play AD&D, AND I make it to mass almost every day of the week, say the rosary every night and am trying to get into the breviary. I do not see any of these things being at war with each other.

Pax :signofcross:

Awful is a matter of opinion. Your awful is my awesome :slight_smile:

I see adverts for plenty of stuff I don’t like. I simply change the channel if I don’t enjoy something on T.V. :wink:

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