South Sudan says order restored after 500 killed, but U.N. still concerned


(CNN) -- Order has been restored in South Sudan after fighting that left about 500 people dead, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday.

Government forces are now in charge of the situation, and flights have resumed at Juba International Airport, the ministry said.

The United Nations, however, is warning that the crisis is not over. Joseph Contreras, U.N. acting spokesman on South Sudan, said, "It is a very, very fluid situation, so I don't think the country is out of the woods yet."

It would seem that South Sudan is in a very fragile situation. Let us keep them in our prayers so that the violence and unrest will cease immediately.

That said, isn't South Sudan a nation where Al Qaeda has a stronghold?


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isn't South Sudan a nation where Al Qaeda has a stronghold?


Al Qaeda probably has some resources in a new country with weak institutions, among the 10-15% of the population that is Muslim. However, the vast majority of the country holds Christian and animist beliefs so I doubt there is significant public support.

That said, it's conceivable that the Juba government could use non governmental criminal groups like Al Qaeda to undermine the government of Sudan, with which it is still negotiating a few bitter disputes. I doubt it though. A country as weak as South Sudan isn't going to be able to conduct such activities without other countries finding out, and a) Sudan would then be inclined to respond in kind, which would be a much greater threat to South Sudan than to Sudan, and b) International sponsors like the US and East African Community will not be happy to learn they are funding a state sponsor of terror.

All the above is wild speculation by an armchair observer.


Oh okay. Thanks for the information. Is it Somalia then that has a widespread Al Qaeda network?


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