Southern Baptist numbers, baptisms decline
It seems like we’re always negatively comparing ourselves to evangelicals on this site, but it seems like they’re not having such a hot time either. Much of the same problems that we’re facing seem to be true of them as well. It seems like people in general have a cafeteria approach to religion, so they might be Catholic one year, Southern Baptist the next, non-denominational after that, and so on and so forth.

For the past several decades, a group of fundamentalists have conducted a political campaign to gain control of the Southern Baptist Convention. They succeeded, and over the past few years have conducted a purge of Convention offices and seminaries.

The results are now obvious. The denomination is theirs, but fewer and fewer are now willing to be part of that denomination.

The loss was particularly noticeable in Texas, where Southern Baptists most firmly hold to the “no creed” thinking that was the foundation of the denomination.

An alternative Baptist Fellowship has been the biggest source of loss.

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