Southern Baptist’s Russell Moore: It’s time to take down the Confederate flag

This opinion piece is by Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

This week the nation reels over the murder of praying Christians in an historic African American church in Charleston, S.C. At the same time, one of the issues hurting many is the Confederate battle flag flying at full-mast on the South Carolina Capitol grounds, even in the aftermath of this racist act of violence on innocent people.

This raises the question of what we as Christians ought to think about the Confederate battle flag, given the fact that many of us are from the South.

So, a lunatic massacres innocent people at a church for no reason other than his own hatred for others and we spend our time and resources on a flag that has no practical meaning except for nostalgic vestiges of a time that is literally gone with the wind? The KKK used the cross as an instrument of terror, intolerance and hatred; should we ban it, too?

I grew up in the north, and my ancestors fought on the Union side - but growing up I always thought of the Confederate flag as symbolizing being a “rebel” and fighting for one’s rights. Never really thought of it as standing for slavery.

So, as a northerner, I have mixed feelings about it flying near the South Carolina capitol, and rather lean to the side of taking it down. I can see how that could be interpreted as offensive by African Americans and their supporters…just like the swastika is not too dear to Jewish people, for instance.

But, I also doubt that most people using the Confederate flag as a decoration, etc, think of it as a symbol of slavery. Just because one sinful guy was holding it in a picture before he massacred a lot of people does not instantly mean that everyone who has a Confederate flag has evil intentions. And the people who have evil intentions won’t be deterred by the eradication of one symbol.

What I really have a problem with is the corporations who have suddenly refused to sell anything connected to the Confederate flag. It seems excessive, and it sets a dangerous precedent- what will we not be able to buy due to the next politically correct wave?

I have to agree and applaud Captain Rick. The Confederate Battle flag is/was a symbol of protest against oppressive government. The reasons behind the Civil War are complicated and many. While slavery was an issue, and a major one, it was not the main reason. A student of history myself I have studied the war from both sides. The need for that particular flag is very much needed at this time in our countrys’ history. I understand others will disagree with me and that is fine. But as a symbol of protest the flag should be protected by “free speech”. Back in the 60’s and 70’s burning the American flag was so protected. Why not the Battle Flag of the Confederacy? Why let some special interest group lead everyone else around by their uninformed noses? What next, more impotent hand wringing about the Civil War and more self recrimination? That followed by more demands for reparations?

Welcome to modern day America, where a tiny minority can force the entire country to bend to their will. Will the day ever come when we, as a country, say “enough?”

So the American Flag was flown over slave states, slave ships, and the oppression of Indians. What now?

This madness has to stop.

Wait for it…

I agree. The flag is more historical than anything else. It definitely doesn’t mean the people support slavery and want it back. They could appreciate history or want to show a great evil that occurred in our country so it doesn’t happen again. They may just support traditional agrarian southern culture. Slavery in and of itself isn’t bad. It is how the slaves are treated that is the issue. Look how many employees are treated today. There are major problems with that! Some are completely disrespected and don’t even make a living wage.

Then why do Jewish people care so much that their pain and suffering is remembered through museums and other memorials? Couldn’t the southern flag be taken the same way. They don’t want what happened to be repeated or forgotten. Oh, and I live in South Carolina.

You know, that is a good point. When slavery was abolished, former slaves turned into sharecroppers which was very little different than their previous status. Do you know what an ancestor of mine did with his slaves? He had them baptized and they are buried in the cemetery at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura, Louisiana instead of being buried in a forgotten unmarked grave out in a field somewhere. The concept of “freedom” is a recent one, spawned from the progressive thinking of the enlightenment era. Today is Bastille Day in France. In order to celebrate their freedom from the monarchy, the people of France must either wash their hands or simply turn their heads to the thousands who were murdered in the name of liberty, including hundreds of priests and bishops, all because they were part of the ancient regime. “Oh liberty, what crimes have been committed in your name!”

Some historians would love us to believe the Civil War was fought over slavery. I disagree. There were a number of other causes, States Rights among them. The South did not get upset because there was a Free State entering the Union prior to the war because they wanted them to have slaves, but because they wanted equal votes in the Senate. Those men who fought for the South were mostly poor dirt farmers who were not slave owners but felt allegiance to their State more than the Federal Government. With the happenings of late I certainly understand how they felt. No, the Confederate Battle Flag (it is not the National flag of the Confederacy) does not need to be removed. These people need to remove the massive chip from their shoulders.

The more America does to overcome its faults, the worse the remaining ones appear. It’s human nature.

The flag of the Confederate States of America, is not a “battle flag”. It was the flag of a sovereign nation complete with it’s own money, government, president, and capitol. Too many ignorant people are yelling what another ignorant person told them, for anyone to stop and be reasonable. Education about the Confederate States of America (without the dramatics) is no doubt over due.

Apples and oranges comparison with the assumption that racism isn’t intrinsically part of it which it is.
Cross=symbol of love
flag+ symbol of racism (and whatever else)
If I was black living in the south i would want that shi#$3434t down!
Last time i was in Alabama there was still a **** load of racists down there. Being from southern Cali it was sad to see…

native americans should get their chips off their shoulders too ya ???

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