Southern San Andres Fault Locked and Loaded


Heard this for a long time but now it seems more scary! Expecting 8+ on the R Scale and the area affected is mind boggling. There is never enough warning - if considering to relocate to California, maybe reconsidering would be best.

Don’t know any advice to send out.


The fault could go any time or it could be years, they simply don’t know. He was addressing geologists. For them it’s not an alarmng message, they’ve known for it a long time.


Given what has happened around the Pacific Rim lately, there is probably good reason for some worry…


Praying for the west coast…

Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Hail Mary


The longer it builds, the worse it will be too, scary to think about, an earthquake like this would devastate the western US and probably have a financial domino effect on the rest of the country.

Wouldnt this cause a major decrease in property value in southern CA? Or at least a huge increase in insurance rates?


There probably wouldn’t be a southern California.

But people have been predicting this disaster for years. Nothing happens, so I don’t put much stock in it now.


:yawn: I have lived in SoCal for 50 years and the “Big One” has been predicted since I can remember. We have had a few strong earthquakes, but California is prepared and we will deal with it, if it comes to pass.


I am 64 and most of my life I have heard about “the big one” that will someday hit California. so it has probably been locked and loaded for a long time. I think somebody was just hoping to create headlines and cause new fear or give people something to talk about.


I live in the PNW where they say a “HUGE BIG ONE” is supposed to occur. I’ll be honest, it terrifies me. Amy mention of earthquakes triggers something inside me. I have a baby I just don’t know what’d I’d do during such an event.
With that said, I try really hard to remember that no one can predict, no matter how terrifying they make the headline. Could be five minutes from now, could be five decades from now. Nobody knows and it’s hooey to pretend they do.


It is but another very good reason for me to try to keep myself in a state of grace! We talk a lot about earthquake preparedness here, about keeping a supply of food and water. We should also try to be spiritually prepared for whatever comes.


I hear it predicted every year, yet it’s other places that have “the big one.” I don’t wish it on Southern California or anyone else, I just don’t think Southern California is due soon. I wouldn’t be afraid to move there today.


good point! :thumbsup:


HBO and MAX had a free weekend recently; among movies I DVRed was San Andreas.

Just watched it yesterday afternoon. :bigyikes:

Let’s just say, I’m glad that I live in north-central Alabama.


Aren’t you guys due for a big one too down there?
Btw that movie is not very scientific about how things would happen. Yes it would be catestropic but that movie is hollywoodized of course


Yeah, it was kinda like the writers frequently sat around until the wee hours over beer and pizza, thinking up what they could make go wrong next. I knew what I was getting into when I DVRed it, so I just suspended disbelief and watched the special effects. And envied Dwayne Johnson’s arms.

I don’t know that we’re due for one in Alabama. The New Madrid fault (Missouri) has been said to be about to blow a big one. We’d feel it here, if it did, but not as badly as my bro would (Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis).


Well I am envious of you. We live in Washington where the cascadian fault line is said to about to blow and were right at the hotpsot. Of course I am stuck here as my husbands job is here. As you can imagine any mention of a big earthquake sets me on edge!!


I can only imagine your anxiety.

But I think making a plan would be helpful if such a tragedy were to strike your area. I think it might take away some of the anxiety you have of living there. I’m sure your town must have a disaster preparedness office that can help with planning for such an earthquake. You should check them out and maybe even discuss your anxieties with them. The web is also full of information that can give you at least a small sense of security.

So make your plan, know it well, and then forget about the threat as best you can…:slight_smile:



I’d say that I feel your pain, but I’d be lying, and you’d know I was lying. Listen to/read what the experts say, and make plans accordingly.


We’ve been waiting for “The Big One” my whole life. It may or may not happen during the rest of my life.

I’m actually happily surprised to see the estimated death and injury expectations mentioned in the news about this. It is much less than I would have expected for such a catastrophic event in a heavily populated area. I imagine they think all the buildings that meet the earthquake codes will do quite well.

Our Lady of Angels Cathedral in L.A. is designed to withstand an 8.4 earthquake and can move 27 inches in either direction in an earthquake. The previous cathedral was severely damaged in the Northridge earthquake.


I knew they tried to build quake-proof buildings in the area; it’s good to know they think they’ll hold. Don’t need injuries, etc. if a quake should develop.

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