Southwest Finds Shipment of Heads on a Plane


This is just bizarre. I guess I am completely ignorant of medical research and I think I would like to stay that way. Is it common to have just heads used in medical research? Is it common to have just heads shipped off somewhere? I could understand whole bodies being shipped, but just heads? You know what, I don’t think I really want to know. The thing I am thinking about most is that all these people had families, loved ones. I wonder what they would think about their dead relative’s head, and only his/her head, being shipped off somewhere. This is just really bizarre to me and sounds like something one would read about in one of the supermarket tabloids.

"Southwest Finds Shipment of Heads on a Plane
Southwest Airlines employee finds human heads on their way to Fort Worth

A Southwest Airlines employee called police after finding 40 to 60 human heads in a package set to be transported to a Fort Worth medical research company, the airline said."…

Entire article:

While it does indeed sound hideous, what happens to donated human bodies probably is visibly hideous.

It makes sense to ship only the head, if what is being studied (eyes? nose? brain?) is entirely in the head. Scientific study divides the body, anyhow, and only Eternity will reassemble the human being.

Having one’s natural body in one city and ones natural head in another, will in no way affect one’s Heavenly Body and mind.:slight_smile:


Yes, of course, you are correct. But, in the here and now, it sounds just ghoulish to me. I guess some are able to lighten up and see some dark humor in the situation, though, considering some of the comments at the end of the article.

The ghoulishness and dark humor are natural, because an instance like this serves to remind us of the total hideosity that is death. Our head is the most personal and honorable part of our body, and to hear about bodiless heads being shipped around like so many bowling balls is an unwelcome reminder of that final dehumanisation we are all on a collision course with.

Earlier generations would not have been so shocked, because they were quite familiar with death. They understood that only the Life Everlasting allows mortal human life to make sense.


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