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A coworker of mine is headed to Rome, and asked me what I want from the Vatican/Rome. She knows I’m Catholic, and she seems excited to get me something that would interest me, but I don’t know if there’s anything I would like. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!



I’m a rosary collector, so, for me it would be a Rosary.


I have been to Rome a few times and I have to say you can’t go wrong with a rosary. They even have beautiful handmade rosaries by nuns that are made from rose petals and smell so sweetly of the floral scent. Also, many of the Churches have beautiful free pictures and prayer cards in them. Maybe you can send the friend off with some money for offerings and they can grab you a few (though they are tecnically free…but they have an offering box).


Rosaries and medals are nice!


If you want to go a bit on the kooky side, I also have a set of grappa glasses that fit in a holder that is a replica of St. Mark’s in Venice :smiley:


I think you can bring up the Vatican gift shop. Maybe that would help to take a look and see what is offered.

I have two rosaries; one blessed by Pope Paul VI and one by Pope John Paul. The first has his image on it.


Oh, the rose petal rosaries are nice! I have one from when my future MIL was in Italy. She bought it for me for when I became Catholic.
They’re a lovely color and smell so nice!


Anything blessed by the Holy Father!


It’s funny, my boss who isn’t even Catholic and is frequently irritated by Christians was going to Europe for a family vacation this summer. She asked me if she could bring me anything back from the Vatican. I was really amazed that she was going there and wanted to bring me something.

I just asked for something in Latin since I already have so many rosaries.


When my non-Catholic BIL was there, he got me a gold crucifix. He asked a nun, after he was going to buy a cross. She told him that if I was Catholic, I would prefer a crucifix.

My Godson’s grandmother also got me a crucifix. This time it was a silver one.

Both are beautiful, I treasure both. :shrug:


Oh if only I didn’t have so many rosaries already! Although, maybe I could get it for my wife, especially if it’s blessed by the Pope!

Something blessed sounds neat, but I’m not sure what there is that isn’t a rosary.

To the last poster, were these wall crucifixes or jewelry crucifixes?



Both are jewelry. The gold one is what I would call petite, almost for a child. The silver one is larger, almost 3 inches long and is handmade. Neither of these were blessed in Rome. Both needed to be blessed after I received them.

Keep in mind most of the time you can’t buy something that has already been blessed. After you buy it, then you get it blessed.

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